25+Free Crochet baby Sandals and barefoot patterns

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25 free crochet baby sandal&barefoot pattern

Crochet baby Sandal and bare foot are a must have for your little one closet. I’ve never met someone who didn’t love baby shoes. How could you not love them?

They are so tiny and cute and adorable, and they go on tiny, cute, adorable little feet! What’s not so cute about baby shoes is the price though.

Never fear, we’re here to keep your little darling in adorable shoes and to keep your money in your pocket!

Get ready to browse through an aww-inducing trip as we send you
browsing through the cutest crochet baby flip flops and sandals free and super easy for beginner patterns we could find!

  1. Summertime is such a great time to get your baby outside to play, and you can bet that they’ll be looking amazing when they have these cute little pink bow crochet
    baby girl sandals on their feet! In fact, they might be ready to walk the catwalk! http://thislovelylife-blog.blogspot.co.nz/2013/03/todays-crochet.html

2.If pink isn’t quite your baby’s style, then don’t sweat it! We also have these cute crochet blue and brown sandals that are equally
stunning for baby boy and girl. They just seem to say “I’m ready for the beach,Mom!”

3.We’ve also found a cute pair of red sandals for your baby’s tiny little feet because let’s face it, you have 50 pairs of shoes and
your baby deserves the same! Now you can start mixing and matching outfits!

4.Whether or not your baby knows it, they are about to become a mini fashionista! These sandal booties are sure to catch everyone’s
eyes on the block! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/463-ruffled-tops-baby-sandal-booties

5.Whether your baby was born with a green thumb or was born a flower child, these cute little sandals are just for them!

These adorable little flowers will perfectly reflect your baby’s smile! http://www.lovelylittlelife.org/2012/06/flower-power-baby-sandals/

6.With these cute little sandals on your baby’s feet, you’re going to have to show them off more often!

These cute little blue sandals need to be seen by more than just your eyes! http://www.crochetgeek.com/2012/09/crochet-baby-sandal.html

7.If you’re looking for a more innocent look for your baby, as if they weren’t innocent enough already, then you should definitely check out these cute little
crochet flower sandals!http://misadventuresofhandmade.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/barefoot-baby-sandals.html

8.There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. That’s right, now your baby can have their own ruby red slippers! We’re not in Kansas anymore.

9.You know that you can’t resist dressing your baby up in the cutest outfits, so you definitely shouldn’t pass up these adorable pink flower barefoot baby sandals.

They are just so delicate and innocent! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bs-barefoot-baby-sandals

10.These cute little shoes are baby blue with red accents, in other words they are simply too cute. They will make your little one’s eyes sparkle!

11.These little booties are so unique. They are white with red lining and a cute little red star in the center.
They’ll have your baby reaching, or kicking, for the stars in no time!

12. I don’t know if I would call these baby shoes, they are more like little pieces of artwork!

These adorable shoes will bring out your baby’s creative side for sure.

13. These little red sandals feature a cute little daisy resting at your baby’s toes. Is there anything that could make those little toes look any cuter?


14. If your baby is always on the go, then they might need to check out these pink sandals, nothing says ‘I mean business’ than an adorable baby in adorable sandals!

15.Maybe you’re looking for something a little less flashy and flowery, because little boys need shoes too! These cute little brown sandals could be just what you’re looking for!

16.If you’re a fan of the gladiator style sandals, then here’s a pattern you might get excited for. Now you and your baby can have matching shoes!

17.None of us want to admit it, but crocs are just so comfortable! Now your baby can have a cute pair of “crocs”
that feature a cute star pattern on the bottom to make them unique.

18.Looking for something that looks simply eloquent? Well, look no farther as this pattern would look absolutely darling on your baby’s little piggies!

19.Personally, my favourite color is blue, so these blue sandals make me smile! They are a flip flop style that will make your baby look they are fresh off the beach!

20.This list needs more flowers! So we go, this cute little sandals wraps around your baby’s toe and ankle, after that they will rocking adorable little flowers on
their feet! http://www.tutusteaparties.com/2012/03/crochet-barefoot-sandal-free-crochet.html

21.Speaking of flowers, how about these cute little sandals! These sandals feature a cute and crazy flower to reflect your baby’s playful spirit!

22.If you thought you’ve already seen the cutest baby shoes possible, you should be prepared to eat your words!

These adorable little sandals are sure to knock  everyone’s socks off!

23.These sandals caught my eye because they may have simple colors, but they feature a lovely style that can complement any outfit you put your baby in!

24.These red, white, and blue sandals are the essence of playtime! They are absolutely adorable and innocent, they could easily become your baby’s favourite shoes!

25.If you are looking at all of these shoes and thinking that they aren’t up for your adventurous baby, then take a look at these shoes!

They are prepared for a little rough and tumble! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sole-lovely-mary-janes—baby-and-youth

26. These super adorable crochet gladiator shoes are perfect for any baby boy and girl. Your little one will be stylish in  this comfy and sophisticated sandal.


I hope you guys love this list  of cute crochet baby sandals and happy crocheting!

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  1. the sandals are so cute

  2. thank you.

  3. Talent abounds in your hands! Praise the Lord you share, these fab shoe patterns with us. Could you come up with a few more boyish types? I have new grandchild coming in March and am getting started early. God bless.

  4. yes, sure I will try to find baby boy booties patterns collection for you.

  5. I was on row 7 of the cowboy bootie pattern, small when I had to stop working on it and had to go have dental surgery yesterday. I went to go in to finish this bootie today and received a message that the URL is not longer available. Help how do I get it back?

  6. Hi Janet, Hope your teeth are feeling Good after your surgery. The pattern you are after in on an external web site. They might just be down for a a few days, or might have removed the web page that we linked. I suggest you contact them and ask for the pattern. As its not my pattern, sorry I cannot help more. Love Jenny.

  7. Thanks for including me in the #1 spot! I’m in love with #25 too!

  8. Yep,I love your cute little shoe.

  9. Dolores Cervantes says

    I would to see if you could send me a pattern for some Mary Jane’s my daughter just twins girls and they weighted 3 pounds and none of the shoes or socks fit them. Thank you

  10. Hello Dolores,
    Your are refering to a post link on JennyandTeddy.com that presented another designers creation, If you follow the post you may be able to inquire with the designer to see if then can help you. Twin girls what a wonderful gift for Christmas. Wishing you and your family the very best for the festive season.
    Love Jane

  11. Evangeline says

    Hi, I would like to know if I can buy ready to wear? Thanks a lot.

  12. yep, you can just contact the designer of each pattern.

  13. Hello, I really love all these sandals. You are great!

  14. thank you Bia.

  15. Wow! All of these are so adorable! I’m going to have to get my hooks out and make some of these for all of our foster babies! 🙂
    I do have one concern, the “barefoot sandal” style, the way it lifts the second toe upward could encourage a painful disorder called Crossover Toe. Most Peds Drs. do discourage that style of foot wear.

  16. All of these are so adorable! I’ going to have to make some of these for our foster babies. 🙂
    I am concerned about the “barefoot sandal” style though. The way it wraps around and lifts the second toe could cause a painful disorder called Crossover Toe.

  17. Hi Linda,
    thank you for stopping by my blog. thanks for your input about painful disorder called Crossover Toe.

  18. Hi Linda,
    I am glad to hear that my post is useful to you.

  19. Cute, but can’t see a baby learning to walk wearing ANY of these. . 1-foot doesn’t even fit properly, 2- I can see them tripping on them and breaking a leg, foot or toe. I also agree about the ones that go over the 2nd toe. Looks very uncomfortable and probably will cause many problems with muscles and bones since they’re not fully formed and stable.

  20. Thank you so much for including my patterns! Numbers 11 & 12 are mine. 🙂
    Christal Friend would like you to read..Teddy Bear Squared – an 8 inch squareMy Profile

  21. Would live to have these patterns

  22. Thanks Ellen.

  23. your welcome Christal your pattern so cute and easy to read.

  24. HI DEbbie,
    some of the baby crochet sandal is for show and short time wearing.

  25. Terry Ann Betschart says

    I do not know how to knit or crochet but am so willing to buy alot of these for my grandchildren and i have a goddaughter that is due with a boy in april. Please let me know what i could purchase and price with s&h. Thanks so much!!

  26. Hi Terry,
    You can find hand crochet booties on etsy.com

  27. I would like the pattern for white sandals with the flowers. I didn’t see it anywhere?

  28. we donot have collection for that one sorry.

  29. I do not see any problem with any of these adorable sandals. The way I see it is that these babies are really too small to be wearing them for walking and I am sure if you tied them tight enough around the back of the foot they would cause discomfort but what person in their right mind would pull them so tight as to pull the 2nd toe upward anyway??? I think they are cute and have made several of these for new babies and everyone agrees that they are definitely gorgeous! Keep up the good work! I, for one, think these are a keeper!

  30. thanks you for your input susan, I do agree with you.

  31. love all of your patterns, they are awesome

  32. thank you Gale.

  33. Janie Storer says

    I love these. Made a few pairs myself I had to improvise in.
    thank you so much for linking all these patterns.

  34. thanks for stopping by Janie.

  35. Love the sandals! I have a 17 year old handicap daughter who is in a wheelchair, she cannot wear regular sandals they hurt her, do you know if these could somehow be modified to fit a size 3 in girls? I don’t crochet, but may be able to find someone to make her some of these.

  36. Thanks Mickey for lovely comment.

  37. Do you make and sell???

  38. Lynn Daniels says

    I am desperately trying to get the pattern for – 5. Crochet Flower Baby Booties Tutorial – I can’t get onto the http://www.lovelylittlelife.org/2012/06/flower-power-baby-sandals/ site. Could you PLEASE e-mail the pattern to me. I have a market on Saturday and would dearly love to make some

  39. Lynn Daniels says

    I am desperately trying to get the pattern for – 5. Crochet Flower Baby Booties Tutorial – I can’t get onto the http://www.lovelylittlelife.org/2012/06/flower-power-baby-sandals/ site. I have been trying for 4 hours. Could you PLEASE e-mail the pattern to me. I have a market on Saturday and would dearly love to make some

  40. Hi Lynn, Sorry I donot have the pattern myself the original pattern is on the design website.

  41. Virginia Hernandez says

    Just a heads up, a way to prevent the crossover toe problem is by making them with crochet thread instead of yarn. I make and selk barefoots and dont have that problem because anything that wraps aroynd any toes i make with crochet thread 🙂 the yarn is just far to bulky 😉

  42. So adorable. Cant wait to make my own for my baby..

  43. Can not find pattern or directions to make the little while sandal with the flowers going down the side .1 of the 25 adorable sandals.really would like to make them . Where do I look or go for the instructions

  44. I’m interested in how to make some of your baby sandals I’m very new to crochet and I learn from videos I can’t read a pattern for anything I’m a visual learner I’m also in the us do you have any videos? Thank you

  45. Sorry Amanda, I did not have video.

  46. Okay I’m.trying the flower power sandal the green one with red flowers I did the sole I’m.now to where I have to do the heel and I don’t know what to really do I’m not really sure where my middle double crochet is(us) and if I am counting right then after I join new yarn in the 9th stitch and I do what I’m suppose to for 19 stitches I don’t know if I go right or go to the left after joining new yarn I hope this makes sense how I’m writing

  47. please, I will to buy some of your products most especially the baby crochet sandals.
    please how much does one goes for and how can I get them. I really want as many as possible if the price is considerable. very quick response will be highly appreciated. thank you

  48. Hi Adeolu,
    I donot crochet the sandal for sell I just collection the cute crochet baby sandal pattern and link to the original designer. you might find handmade crochet sandal on etsy.

  49. Johanna says

    Larger and with some jute soles I think some of these would look good on mama too. Mother and daughter matching sandals! ^_^

  50. That cute Johanna.

  51. haven’t been ablate find the white candle(for baby) with the color flowers around the top strap.>> What am I doing wrong? Can you guide me to the pattern?

  52. I agree they are adorable, but I strongly recommend against some these for any baby trying to walk or cruise yet. Many look like tripping hazards. Also, it doesn’t seem healthy for growing feet and toes to have anything looped around one toe.

  53. Debbie Hunter says

    I will be making these adorable sandals for both my granddaughters. They are absolutely adorable!

  54. Thank you for the links, the sandals are all so cute.

  55. Can u buy these instead of making them?

  56. Think you could find many cute handmade baby sandal in etsy.

  57. TalkerCat MeDina says

    I’d love to see the pattern for the little white baby sandals w/flowers …

  58. Love these, thank you 🙂

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