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50+ free crochet flowers pattern

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50+free simply crochet flower patterns by jennyandteddy

Crochet flowers make me think of spring. Can you imagine that? Flowers crochet so simple, easy and can be really quick to make even the beginner. They will add some pretty look to your craft project. They are versatile and beautiful.

As you guys know my easy crochet flower free pattern post was a big hit.

With Crochet & craft blogger out there in the blogland make such a pretty darn cute new crochet flowers design. I can’t take my eyes of them and I have to add them in one place other while I will lost it.

So I make a list of lovely crochet flowers collection for me and for you to come back and check just in case, if you need to make one in a hurry to jazz up your DIY craft project.

If you haven’t crochet a flower yet, let’ make one, beware they are so addictive!

Let’s me know if you like this collection!

  1. crochet daisies by caughtonawhim

1.crochet daiaiesflower easy free pattern

2.Easy rose crochet flower by skiptomylou

3. crochet tulip flower by littlethingblogged

3.easy free crochet flower tulips1_1jpg

4. beautiful flower by ellebel

4.five petal free crochet flower pattern

5.pretty flower crochet by mark-mari

5.five petal easy crochet flower free pattern

6. mother day flower crochet brooch by littledoolally

6.easy crochet flower brooch free pattern how to

7. crocodile stitch crochet flower by bhookedcrochet

7.Crocodile-flower tutorial free patterns easy-2-for-web

8. cute layered ruffle crochet flower by craftpassion

8.crochet-2 layer ruffle-flower-hair-tie free pattern

9. cute flower by mark-mari

9.crochet how to beginner flower free pattern

10. simply flower crochet by myhobbyiscrochet to make crochet flower free collage dainty flowers

11.  crochet flower bracelet by petalstopicots

11. crochet flower bracelet free easy tutorial pattern

12. tiny flower by earlgreyblog

12. free tutorial how to small tiny-flower-crochet-pattern_01

13. 9 petals flower by growcreativeblog

13. 9 petal summer mofit free crochet pattern

14. 5 petals crochet flower by busybeecraftplace

14.five petal small crochet flower tutorial how to

15. crochet flower with leaves by littlethingsblogged

15.easy crochet flower and leaves free pattern

16. flower power by annemarieshaakblog

16. flower crochet free pattern beginner easy

17.little flower with leaves by mycrochetstuff

17.crochet mimi's crochet

18. easy flower by mycrochetstuff

18. easy 2 layer crochet flower free pattern flower button 012

19. flower by mamainastitch

19. free cute flower Crochet-Deco-Roses-with-Leaves pattern

20. crochet marigold by crochetgeek

20. free flower crochet marigold pattern tutorial

21. flower crochet by annoocrochet

21. flower crochet 2 layer free pattern

22. frothy flower crochet by veryberryhandmade

22.3layer flower crochet easy free pattern

23.crochet easy flower by ehow

23.flower crochet8 petal easy how to tutorial free pattern

24. African flower by craftpassion

24.easy crochet-african-flower-1 flower crochet by pinkfluffywarrior

25. easy crochet star flower with spiral free pattern

26.simply crochet flower by sarahndipities

26. crochet easy Flower-Garland1_1

27. octagon flower by find in  ravelry

27. crochet octagon flower 8 petal 2layer easy free pattern.

28. daisies crochet flower find in ravelry

28. flower bloom crochet daisies easy how to tutorial free pattern

29. little spoke flower by pinkfluffywarrior

29.little flower crohet spooke free pattern

30. posy blossom by planetjune



31. rose by genuinemudpie

31. crochet rose flower free pattern tea-rose-for-pony

32.rose ring tutorial by theroyalsister

32. flower rose tiny small crochet ring with leaves free tutorial.

33. flower  find in crafster

33.crochet flower branch tutorial easy free

34. blackberry flower by myhobbyiscrochet

34.crochet blackberry flower free pattern

35.spiral flower crochet  find in youtube

35. crochet flower free pattern beginner

36.whirly crochet flower by crochetleaf

36.whirly flower crochet free tutorial diy

37. flower applique find in craftsy

37.flower applique easy beginner free pattern

38. flower bouquet crochet by mypicot

38. flower bouquet easy free crochet pattern

39.crochet butterfly flower and leaf by craftpassion


40. free easy crochet flower by 6ichthusfish tahiti crochet flower blossom

41.flower keychain by stitch11

41. free pattern crochet Flower-of-Dreams-Keychain

42. flower lovely chrysanthemum by myhobbyiscrochet

42.crochet flower cyntheium free pattern

43. flower dish cloth by favecrafts crochet Flower-Dish-Cloths

44. 3d crochet rose by crochetaddictdiy

44. 3d crochet rose free pattern

45.3d spiral 8 petal crochet flower by crochetaddictdiy

45.3d spiral 8 petal free crochet flower

46.diasy flower bouquet by favecrafts

46. crochet free pattern Daisy-Crochet-Bouquet

47. crochet flower ball by lookatwhatimade

47.crochet flower ball beginner free tutorial

48. easy flower crochet headband by simplycollectiblecrochet

48.big crochet flower-headband2-e1427088224662

49. granny crochet pansy by lookatwhatimade

49.flower Grannys-Crochet-Pansy-Pattern

50.flower scrubby by maggiesrochetblog


51. poppy flower crochet by sionakaren

51. simple easy poppy flower crochet pattern

52. simple and easy crochet flower pattern by redagapeblog

52.flower crochet daisy pattern3

Happy crocheting!

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Tuesday 1st of February 2022

I loved all your flower patterns. My great granddaughter will be born the end of February and I was hoping to find a flower pattern for a sun flower. That is the theme for her bedroom. If u you up do, could you send it to my email address please? Thank you🌻


Tuesday 1st of February 2022

Hi Rebecca, the pattern u can click the link to go to the pattern original page.


Saturday 4th of June 2016

The link for 28. daisies crochet flower is broken, That was the one I was looking for! Could you email me when it's fixed? Thanks! Sara


Saturday 4th of June 2016

Hi Sara, I just fixed the link.

Debra Little

Saturday 27th of February 2016

Thank you for sharing with us! Just gorgeous flowers!

D. Jean Schave

Monday 22nd of February 2016

I would like to get these patterns, How do I go about this?

Shelly Lambert

Monday 22nd of February 2016

Thank you for sharing!! These are awesome!!


Monday 22nd of February 2016

Thanks Shelly for lovely comment.