Beginner guide to making your first-ever Amigurumi

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the beginner guide to make your own amigurumi dolls

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to write blog series about, how to: amigurumi for beginner.

For some of you that might just starting out in the world of cuteness overload.

Amigurumi is so trendy right now. What is amigurumi? Why they are so popular? Basically,  amigurumi is come from a combination of Japanese words which mean crochet or knitted stuffed dolls. (from wigipedia)

For anyone that have never been makeing amigurumi before. I might have to warn you that making them can be very addictive, because they are so cute, easy and fun things to do. You will get the feeling that your own creation is the cutest ever.

amigurumi baby cow pattern

And sometime when I found an adorable amigurumi on the internet, my heart is melting. I guess you are the same as mine. I knew I have to admitted that I am little crazy about them.

amigurumi are so popular on etsy

To prove that Amigurumi toys are so popular, one of the biggest handmade market place online called Etsy. They even have a special section for them. And Amigurumi toys have been featured in so many offline and online craft magazine.

So am I convincing you enough to grab crochet hook and start your first project yet? In this post I will give you a short overview of the process.

Start with learning basic crochet stitches.

Slip stitch and magic adjustable ring, are the basic foundation of amigurumi project, which is often use in the majority of crochet dolls.

Crochet increase and decrease, this is another important part to create a shape of your amigurumi dolls, just from this two, you could make a flatten, circle,
triangle, sphere shape and  can also make  dolls to become bigger or smaller.

making chains

Making  chains, are also great to know as well because they add a flow and a style to
your design.

stuffing polyester for amigurumi

Crochet tightened in each stitches, when you crochet project like hat or scarf, you do not need to worry about leaving a hole in your project. But when it’s come to making amigurumi leaving a hole will make your finished doll  look not very neat. So it would be better to have  little or no hole because when you stuffing with polyester you will not see the white stuff came through the dolls.

sewing pieces together for amigurumi dolls

Putting all part together, the final look of your crochet dolls depend on how you
assemble them especially the face. So it does can be very tricky or easy.

Finally, making amigurumi just like any other craft projects, Please be patient, crochet them with love and care. Remember practice make perfect! Repeat making ami dolls several times until you get to know them well and confident. Give it’s a try and you will completely in love with all those full of cuteness.

We will go to more detail about each part of process next time.

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  1. Diana Chiew says

    Thank you very much for all the great tutorials and patterns. You are so generous to share. I am a beginner and I am enjoying all the cute toys that I have made from the patterns I got from the internet. I have just made Little Kate yesterday using your pattern and she is so pretty. I am making another with a different colour.

    May I know if you have a pattern of a schnauzer dog? I am a schnauzer lover with 4 miniature schnauzers and I would love to make cute little toys of them. I have been looking for such a pattern but couldn’t find any. Would you be able to help me, please? Thank you!

  2. Hi Diana,
    I glad you like my little girl Kate pattern. About a pattern of a schnauzer dog, sorry I donot have it. But I think PlanetJune, she have a very cute collection of dog ami patterns

  3. Diana Chiew says

    Thank you for your reply and the link to Planet June. No, I can’t find the dog I want there. Thanks, anyway! Hope you have a wonderful trip and a great weekend!

  4. So cute- Your tutorial is very good. Thanks!

  5. thank Vickie.

  6. Wake Up Wednesday cohost here! Pleasure meeting you & thanks for sharing. I really need to pick my crochet needle back up. Cute projects.
    Divachyk // Relaxed Thairapy would like you to read..Wash Day | Bantu Knot OutMy Profile

  7. Thank you Divachyk.

  8. These are really cute! Thanks for sharing with Hump Day Happenings.

  9. Jane,
    What a great series! I’m excited to checkout more of your tutorials. I love knitting, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet!

  10. Thank you Aida.

  11. I’m verry happy finding your site. Thank you Jane.

  12. Hi, I just began learning crochet, but what caught my interest is this amigurumi because i want anime, and cute toys like how you can make using Amigurumi.. I made some baby sandals, headbands and baby shoes to practice some types of stiches, however, im not yet knowledgeable about how to make amigurumi, how to start and what are the things i need to learn when i want to focus on amigurumi only? i cannot make my own project without following other’s videos. please tell me how you started amigurumi? what books you used to expand your knowledge of amigurumi? Acrylic yarn is enough for this project as beginner? By the way, I am getting married to my fiance and i want to surprise him with the bride and groom crochet doll.. Please help me with this.. thank you


  13. Hi Zara,
    I got start with amigurumi with acrylic yarn is good for amigurumi project. I learn from mostly youtube tutorial. If you can do single crochet , magic ring that is good to go.

  14. Evylin Shunmugam says

    Thank you so much. I have made two dolls for my grand daughter. Thank you for sharing.

  15. I am glad u like it Evylin ^^.

  16. Erlinda S. Manuto says

    Thanks for the free pattern of Amigurumi toy croched.erlinda

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