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fancy lace crochet stitch

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fancy lace crochet stitch by jennyandteddy easy beginner friendly

Fancy lace crochet stitch are one of beginner friendly stitch. That I use in my summer tunic because they are  so easy stitch just, 2dc chain2 2dc all in the same stitch which will create the beautiful lace effect to the garment this stitch could make a very good beach cover up clothes or even a summer top tee!,

How cool is that?

So, They are made up from mostly  double crochet and chain.

You will need to know how to make

-sc which mean single crochet

-dc  which mean double crochet

-sk which mean skip stitch

-ch, Chain

Video tutorial.

Let’s get into it!

The chain will be multiple of 4+2   for the foundation.

In this small sample I start with chain 16+2=18

Row 1: Sc across, ch 3, turn.

fancy lace crochet stitch

Row 2: then skip the first stitch  and make 2dc,ch2,2dc all in the same of the next stitch , then

* skip 3 and make 2dc, ch2,2dc all in next stitch*   repeat * to * across until end of the row, then you will have 2 stitch left sk1 and make 1dc in last stitch. ch3 and turn.

fancy lace crochet stitch1

Row3. now you will make   * 2dc,ch2,2dc in the chain space of the previous row* repeat * to * across until end of the row. at the end make 1dc in ch3 space of the previous row.  ch3 and  turn.

crochet fancy lace stitch2

At the end of row3.

fancy lace crochet stitch3

Repeat row 3 until  you get your desired length.

All done!

I hope you enjoy this easy and simple fancy lace crochet stitch.

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Monday 20th of March 2023

Is there a tutorial for this stitch in the round?


Thursday 13th of April 2023

Hi MIck I did this crochet stitch in round but I did not make it in to tutorial yes but I did in round for crochet lace sweater top pattern here.

Zugheily Colon

Saturday 23rd of April 2022

Me gusta el punto de la blusa pues,es facil para mi.thanks for charhing


Sunday 15th of November 2020

Very nice and easy. Also, very clearly explained. Thank you for sharing!


Sunday 30th of August 2020

Such a cool pattern! So pretty. Any chance you could make a video tutorial?


Thursday 10th of September 2020

HI tiffany I make a tutorial for this stitch as part of the sunflower crop top.


Saturday 1st of June 2019

Hello. I am usually a size xlg. Would you please tell me the stitch counts? I would love to make this adorable top. Thank you for your kind assistance. Sharon


Sunday 2nd of June 2019

Hi Sharon the size xl is in the pattern instruction for the easy breezy ruffle top.