mini mesh crochet stitch

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easy mini mesh crochet stitch by jennyandteddy

Mini mesh crochet stitch are one of beginner friendly stitch. That I love to use in my mini mesh crochet cardigan because they are just slip stitch, chain2, skip 1 stitch and slip stitch. Yep that how easy they are, and they give the good texture will give the garment the airy effect and loosely perfect for any season!

How cool is that?

So, They are made up from mostly  slip stitch and chain.

You will need to know how to make

-St (stitch)

-sl st which mean slip stitch

-sk which mean skip

-ch, Chain

Let’s get into it!

The chain will be even number   for the foundation.

In this small sample I start with chain 14.

mini mesh crochet stitch

Row 1: Sc across, ch 2, turn.

simple crochet mini mesh stitch

Row 2: then skip the first stitch  and sl st in the next stitch * ch 2, skip next stitch, sl st in next stitch*   repeat * to * across until end of the row. ch2 and turn.

easy mini mesh crochet stitch

Row3. now you will make  sl st  in the first group of chain2 of the previous row * ch2, make sl st in the next group of ch2 of the previous row* repeat * to * across until end of the row. ch2 and  turn.

Repeat row 3 until  you get your desired length.

All done!

I hope you enjoy this easy and simple mini mesh crochet stitch.

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