holiday raffia bag free crochet pattern

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holiday crochet raffia bag free pattern and video tutorial

Hi girl! Let’s crochet a beach bag for this summer holiday.

This pretty  large crochet bag pattern come with step by step video tutorial  for all you visual learner love..

This  is my first crochet raffia bag project.  This crochet bag is so easy  and made out of  raffia yarn from woolandthegang.

This holiday beach bag is work  from bottom up to the top  with the easy to make handle just crochet a chain.

I use almost 2 skeins to complete this bag with the beautiful stitch called solid shell stitch . Here my summer crochet fun basic crochet bucket hat made with raffia yarn or  crochet summer cardigan.

holiday raffia bag free crochet pattern and tutorial

I made this crochet beach bag and finished it  just in the weekend maybe in 2 day.

I also make a step by setp video tutorial   for you girl as well.

raffia bag crochet tutorial with video

Let’s get start!

–  I am using about  400 yard one size.

I used Ra-ra raffia yarn color desert palm  2  skein.

– 3.0 mm crochet hook 

– 4 stitch marker 

Note: we are crochet this bag not too tight.  This bag is work from bottom up to the top , first create the base which is bottom of the bag and the make solid shell stitch to create body of the bag.

when, we are crochet the bottom of the bag we are crochet in spiral donot join round at the end.

holiday raffia bag

Get the free pattern below or this pattern is also available as an inexpensive, ad-free, PDF printable instant download  in my etsy shop. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am really appreciate you.

Skill and abbreviations

You will need to know how to make (American crochet term)

-dc which mean double crochet

-Magic ring or adjustable ring

-sk st mean skip stitch

-Sl st (slip stitch)

-sc which mean single crochet

Video tutorial.

Gauge: 3sc crochet stitches = 1 inch

 Size of the bag  16 inch wide x 13 inch long not include the handle.

crochet raffia bag

Bottom of the bag (work in spriral do not join round)

We will work on both side of the foundation chain front and the back.

measurement of the bottom of the bag 3×14 inch.

raffia bag

Start with 40 chain.
Round1. Sc in next chain from hook and then sc in each chain across until   in the last chain of the front side then make 3 sc in that last chain and place stitch marker in the middle stitch of the 3sc that we just make , and we  continue to  back side and make sc in each chain until at the end of the back side then make 3 sc in that chain then place stitch marker in the middle of the 3sc. 

Continue to round2 donot join round.

Round2. Sc in next st from hook and then sc in each st across until  in the stitch that we have stitch marker in from the previous round make 3 sc and place stitch marker in the middle stitch of the 3sc that we just make , and we  continue to  back side and make sc in each stitch until we meet the second stitch marker then make 3 sc in that stitch marker then place stitch marker in the middle of the 3sc. 

Continue to round3 donot join round.

Round3 and beyond. repeat round2 until we got bottom of the bag 3×14 inch.

raffia bag 1

Now we will continue to make a body of the bag with solid shell stitch.

Start to make solid shell stitch.

At the end of sc round, you will chain 1 then continue to solid shell round.

Round1. sc, * skip2 st then make 5dc in the next st, skip2 st make sc in next st* repeat this * to * and around at the end have 2 stitch remain skip those 2 st and slip stitch in sc in the previous round.

Round2. ch3 (this chain 3 count as 1dc) then make 4 more of dc in  the same sc that we just slip stitch, then skip 2 st,  *make sc in next st, sk2 st then make 5dc in next st* repeat this * to this * and around.

then   we will finish round2 of solid shell stitch by join the round by make  slip stitch in each of the first 3 stitch of the previous round until we are on the middle position of the first shell then ch1 and make sc in the same st of the chain 1 that we just make.

And we will repeat round 1 and 2 or the solid shell stitch until we reach   10-11 inch long.

raffia bag2

Making the handle.

Base of the handle.  make Sc in each st  around  the bag for 2 round ( no stitch count).

Then place stitch marker in the middle and have space between them by 5 inch.raffia bag3

and chain 70 when we are at the first stitch marker and slip stitch into the second stitch marker ( first handle create) and continue to make sc around the bag when u meet the stitch maker on the other side of the bag just repeat the same process as the first handle and then continu to sc in each st around the bag including the handle for 2-3 more round to make the handle thicker and stronger.

crochet raffia bag

All done!

Happy crocheting!

If you make one I would love to see your creation tag me on Instagram!


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  1. Ms Belinda Janet Osborne says

    Greetings, The Holiday Raffia Bag is beautiful. Thank you for this creative project! How do I contact you directly for creative questions and help with projects?

  2. HI janet please message me on instragram

  3. I see English is not your native language. There are a number of spelling and grammatical errors. Perhaps it might be a good idea to have someone edit your articles before posting them. Just saying. Not really major; I was able to correct them all before printing.

  4. Thanks u Mackie.

  5. TeresaM Gonzalez says

    Thanks for sharing this project. As soon as I get a chance I will make my bag. Thanks again
    Teresa M Gonzalez

  6. Hi I’m half way through with the bag .I find You’re not very clear on the casting off and starting a new row .However I’ve managed so far . Thank you for sharing a wonderful design .

  7. Thank u Neela.

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