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Sassy crochet mesh summer top pattern

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diy crochet mesh summer top free pattern with video tutorial.

Crochet Mesh tops are the perfect item to spice up your wardrobe in style for this summer.

This Sassy see-through summer top is the one that will be in your closet all year round and will be worn over time.

Moreover, they are versatile and timeless; they will give you a second-skin look that feels comfy and sexy at the same.

I love to layer them with a singlet underneath, or you guys could show off your favorite bra or even wear them over your cute bikini top for lounging around the beach.

The variety and style are endless! Am I convincing you guys enough to crochet this easy mesh top together?

The free crochet pattern comes with a full step-by-step video tutorial which is beginner friendly and quick to whip up.

easy crochet fishnet  top free pattern and video  tutorial.

How to crochet a mesh top for beginners.

The Sassy top is made from two rectangles. This is the easiest crochet fishnet top that you will ever make.

The cropped top had a V-neckline with short sleeves. And you could turn them into a mesh crochet sweater by crocheting more rows to the sleeves to make the sleeves longer.

This mesh top is easy to customize to be bigger or smaller size by adding more chains to the foundation basically, they are made by measuring your bust.

The open mesh crochet stitch, AKA a fishnet stitch, is made from double crochet and chain stitch.

They are very basic and beginner friendly, and you will love them.

Simple crochet net top free pattern step by step video.

Best yarn to use for this mesh crochet top pattern?

About the yarn, you girl can use any kind of yarn weight or fiber content to crochet this cute summer top.

For example, in this pattern, I use carron cotton cake with just 2 skeins the fiber content is 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, and it is a 4 medium-weight yarn.

If your girl has dk weight yarn/3 light, they are even better for this pattern.

Make them in any size.

This crochet mesh tee is easy to make to fit anyone size because they are made to measure.

So you can make them in any size by just measuring your bust size, and we will work it out from there.

If you love this mesh crochet tee pattern, I also have another summer top that you will like.

Let’s get into the pattern, shall we?


  • I used 4 medium weight yarns around 500 yards for sizes example, small to medium from bust size 30-34 inches.
  • The yarn I use in this example is Carron cotton cakes, just two skins.
  • 4.0 mm crochet hook
  • Sewing yarn needle

Skill and abbreviations

  • you will need to know how to make (American crochet term)
  • sc., which means single crochet
  • hdc, which means half double crochet
  • dc, which means double crochet
  • ch Chain
  • slip knot
  • sk  mean skip stitch

Finished Size Approximately:

This example crochet top is made to fit size small to medium 30-34 inch bust sizes and the length is 16 inches long.

For me the model wearing this piece, I am 4’9 feet tall, bust of 32 inches.

Pattern note.

crochet summer top.

We will start the back panel in 1 simple rectangle first then repeat the same for the half of front panel then we will create the V-neck line for the front panel. Then add short sleeves.

How to crochet mesh summer top step-by-step video tutorial.

How to crochet a cropped top for summer beginner friendly step by step video on youtube.

Easy mesh crochet top

Get the free pattern below or this pattern is also available as an inexpensive, ad-free, PDF printable instant download  in my etsy shop. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am really appreciate you.

Easy crochet mesh top pattern instruction.

The back panel makes 1 piece.

back panel for crochet opeen mesh  top.

The measurement of one rectangle for the back panel.

First step.

Let’s measure your bust size and then divide by 2, for example, my bust size is 32/2.

So I will get 16 inches for my size. Feel free to add more inches for a loose-fitting or perfect fit.

For example, if I will add one more inch for loose fitting for my top. 

If you girl wants your mesh top to be loose fitting, just add 2 more inches for your bust after diving by 2, or if you want an oversize top add 4 more inches.

See the video tutorial for how to make them into your size.

Second step.

Pick up a crochet hook size 4.0 mm and Start off by making a slip knot.

Then make 70 chains for size small and medium fit from bust size 30-34.

( For the other sizes, start the foundation chain in any number that matches your bust size calculation)

Row 1: * in the next chain from the hook, make dc, then * ch1, skip 1 chain and make dc in the next chain * repeat this * to * across until the end of the row, ch 2, and turn.

Row 2:  make dc in the same st then * ch1, skip chain space from the previous row, then dc in the next st* repeat this* to * and across until the end of the row. Chain 2 and turn.

Repeat row 2 until you get around 16 inches long or longer if you prefer to make to be a swimsuit cover-up or shorter for a crop style. Then fasten off and leave the long tail for sewing.

The Front panel makes 1 piece.

Repeat the same as you did in the back panel until you get the length around 13 inches long.

Then fasten off, and then we will start to make the V-neck ling for the front panel.

how to creat a v neckline in crochet top.

Now fold your front panel into half, then put a stitch marker to mark where the center of your rectangle piece.

Then from the center point, we will make a gap of about 1-inch gap.

How to creating a  v neck for crochet top.

The V-neck line of all sizes is made the same. We will have a 1-inch gap for the V-neck for all sizes.

Add a V-neck and create the shoulder.

Join the new yarn at the one end of the front panel. then chain2, then crochet the same as stitch as the back and front panel by repeating row 2 of the back panel.

We will crochet back and forward until you meet the stitch marker, then chain2 and turn.

We will keep repeating it until you get the length that matches your back panel height.

After this, fasten off and leave the long tail for sewing

Repeat the same for the other side.

v neck front panel.

The finish of the front panel.

front panel finished.

Assemble summer mesh top.

Now you have 2 pieces then, we will be ready to assemble the mesh top.

Lay 2 pieces of rectangles flatted on top of each other.

And sew, as photo below.

Assemble crochet top tee by seam them together.

Add sleeves.

Join new yarn at any place, then make sc in each stitch or in each space around the armhole for 1 round.

In this round, we need to count how many stitches of sc we make so we can repeat the same for the second armhole. chain 2 and turn. ( I got about 50 stitches of sc on this round)

Now we will continue to work in a spiral do not join round. Chain 2, then start the lace stitch round.

Row 1: * make dc in the same st then * ch1, skip 1 chain and make dc in the next st * repeat this * to * across until the end of the round, do not join round we will continue in a spiral.

Row 2:  * ch1, skip chain space from the previous round, then dc in the next st* repeat this* to * and across until the end of the round.

Repeat row 2 until you get around 3 inches long or longer if you prefer to make long sleeves.

After you make the length for your sleeves, then on the last 3 rounds we will make sc in each stitch and make sc in chain space. Fasten off.

Repeat the same for the second sleeve.

crochet fishnet top.

All done!

Happy crocheting.

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Monday 23rd of October 2023

Hi, Love this pattern but I´m a little bit stuck here. How did you figure out 70 stitches from your calculations. My bust is 42/2 plus 2 inches makes 23. How do I figure out the number of chains to make. I´m really confused as a beginner.


Saturday 2nd of December 2023

HI Hanna So U got 23 inch just chain any nummber until you reach your measurment.


Tuesday 20th of June 2023

Hi :)

Lovely pattern. I have just finished the back panel.

I would like to make the vneck deeper. Would that mean I need to start the vneck part at about 12 inches instead?

Thank you Bethany


Saturday 24th of June 2023

HI Bethany yes that right you need to start the v neck at 12 inch inseated.


Tuesday 5th of July 2022

Again I am stuck I can't measure myself. I love all of your designs.


Sunday 13th of March 2022

This is my all time favourite stitch! I love using this stitch to make summer blankets for my grandkids! The youngest is 3 and he loves to put his fingers in the open squares. Thank you for showing me another way to use this stitch in a different project!