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Tiny crochet heart free pattern

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These tiny crochet hearts are perfect for the last-minute Valentine’s Day crochet project.

When I flipped open my calendar the other day, I couldn’t believe it was already February! Oh yeah, January is just passing by so quickly!

A little bit of panic set in because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I have done absolutely no decorating!

Thankfully, I was able to whip up this mini heart pattern that can use for many things as a  Valentine’s Day craft idea.

Tiny crochet hearts tutorial.

These small crocheted hearts, It’s great for beginners and seasoned crochet gurus alike. You can whip them up in less than 10 minutes.

They are crocheted all in one piece, so no sewing is involved; how simple is that?

Since this is a small crochet project using scrap yarn, I didn’t have to worry about purchasing anything new.

I was able to dig through my yarn stash and find enough pink, red, and white yarn to crochet up more than a dozen of this cute little heart.

mini heart free crochet applique pattern

Best yarn for crocheting mini hearts.

I prefer working with cotton yarn for these because it’s softer and holds the shape of the tiny heart prettier than acrylic yarn. Since I’m using them for many different things, it’s proving to be much more versatile.

After I got a bunch of them done, I managed to make a crochet mini heart headband out of it by I did a simple crochet chain to connect them.

Moreover, I even attach them to my fluffy crochet cowl.

valentine day quick crochet project.

You could also use a length of ribbon to tie them together to create a garland, but if you’re already crocheting, it’s just as easy to make a chain.

What I absolutely love about this free crochet pattern is that it takes no time at all to complete.

I’d estimate that it might take a beginner about 10-15 minutes maximum to make, whereas an avid crocheter could whip up three or four in that amount of time.

It really is the easiest crochet heart pattern ever!

easy crochet cute little heart pattern.

Skill and abbreviation.

  • For this mini crochet projects, you will need to know crochet basic stitches.
  • American crochet term.
    How to make a magic adjustable ring
  • sc which means single crochet
  • hdc, which means half double crochet
  • dc, which means double crochet
  • sl st, which means slip stitch
  • st, which means stitch
  • stitches, which means stitches

How to crochet a heart video tutorial.

How to crochet a mini heat for beginners youtube tutorial.

Supplies and material.

  • In this example piece, I used scrappy cotton yarn in dk weight or 4 medium weight.
  • A 3.50 mm crochet hook or 4.0 mm hook is fine
  • Sewing yarn needle
  • you can make large crochet hearts or smaller ones by using bigger or smaller size crochet hooks

Tiny crochet heart free pattern instruction.

Make a magic ring or adjustable ring and 9sc in the ring (9 sts)

how to crochet a magic ring

(Sl  st in the first stitch) (in the next stitch, make 1hdc and  4dc all in this same stitch)   then 1hdc next stitch, sc in the next stitch, sl st in the next stitch, and chain 2, then

crochet in spiral.

turn next stitch from hook ( make  1hdc in the same stitch)

then sl st next, sc next, hdc next, in the next stitch (make hdc and 4dc in the same stitch), and in the last stitch, make

sl st. The end!

free crochet mini applique pattern.

Quick and easy crochet heart applique, right?!

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Happy crocheting!

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Friday 15th of February 2019

Can you please explain "turn next stitch from hook"?


Monday 18th of February 2019

Debra, mean turn then make crochet in the next stitch from hook.


Friday 3rd of February 2017

I love this tutorial!! The hearts are so cute and just in time for Valentine's Day! Thanks so much for sharing how to make them!


Sunday 5th of February 2017

Thank you Brandi.