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uneven bobble crochet stitch free pattern

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bobble crochet stitch

Bobble crochet stitch is a fun stitch that has a pop up 3d texture! So, They are made up from mostly  double crochet and single crochet. The single come to handy because will make them pop up texture.

Bobble stitch itself it quite simple  all you have to do is yarn over insert your hook into the stitch that you want to make bobble then pull up a loop and  yarn over pull through 2 loop then insert your hook into same stitch and repeat that 4 time  until have 6 loop on your hook then yarn over pull through all 6 loop and make single in the next st, Bobble complete!

bobble stitch easy crochet tutorial and pattern

Now when I want to use this stitch  into crochet project Like the over size sweater I had made. It would be pretty to have bobble stitch to line it  uneven.

So here the pattern for The uneven bobble crochet stitch!

Skill and abbreviations

You will need to know how to make

-sc which mean single crochet

-dc  which mean double crochet

-ch, Chain

Let’s get into it!

The chain will be multiple of 4   for the foundation.

In this small sample I start with chain 16

Row1.  as see in pic number1-2, make dc in next ch from hook and across until the end of the row. (15)

Row2. ch1 turn, 1sc in next 2 sts as see in pic number 4 above, then make bobble stitch in the next st by  yarn over insert your hook into next stitch pull up a loop then pull through 2 loop and repeat this 4 time until we have 6 loop on our hook then yarn over pull through 6 loop, and sc in each of the next 3 stitches.

then we will repeat * bobble st in next st, then sc in next 3 sts*

At the end of the row make sc in last 4 sts.

Row3. ch1 turn, make dc in each stitch across until the end of the row.

Row4. ch1 turn, sc into first 4 sts. *Bobble stitch into next stitch, sc into next 3 sts*. Repeat between * and * until you have 2 sts left then make sc in each of the last 2 sts.

Row5: repeat row3.

Row6: repeat row2.

Row7: repeat row3.

Row8: repeat row4.

Keep Repeating row 5-8 until  you get your desired length.

All done!

Hope you guys enjoy the pretty 3d pop up bobble stitch.

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