15 easy free animal crochet hat free patterns

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Happy Wednesday!

15 easy free animal crochet hat pattern by jennyandteddy

Who doesn’t love to make a cute crochet hat for baby especially animal hat? Let’s dress up your little one in this fun animal hat and they will be perfect for their first newborn photo shoot. You can also make them in so many different types of animal range from Elephant to Monkey!

I have organized our 15 easy free crochet baby animal hat patterns designed by me (jennyandteddy) in one place. Share this post, comment, create and Pin it to your board for the cute collection.

Ready set go!

  1.  Lion hat

lion hat1free crochet pattern

2. Giraffe hat

free crochet giraffee hat pattern

3. Elephant hat

elephant crochet hat free pattern

4. Lamb hat

lamb free easy crochet hat pattern

5.Easter bunny hat


28.easter bunny crochet hat_2

6. Easter chicken hat

easter chicken free crochet hat pattern

7. Owl hat

owl crochet hat free patterns newborn-1 year jennyandteddy

8.Panda hat

panda crochet hat pattern

9. Not a sock monkey hat

sock monkey crochet hat free pattern

10. Koala hat

Koala crochet hat pattern

11. Bunny hat

easter bunny crochet hat free pattern

bunny hat

12. Bumble bee hat

bee crochet hat free pattern


13. Polar Bear hat

crochet bear hat

bear hat

14. Frog hat

frog hat free pattern

frog hat


15 .Teddy bear hat


Happy crocheting!
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