Button Up Single Crochet Headband free crochet pattern

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Free crochet pattern button up single crochet headband for beginner easy by jennyandteddy

There’s benefits to having longer hair and I wouldn’t trade mine, but in the warm weather? It’s absolutely no fun to have it hanging in your face. To combat these stray locks, I came up with the Button Up Single Crochet Headband and it free pattern, you’re going to love it!

easy single crochet headband

Now, I bet you’re already guessing that this headband is going to be made using a single crochet stitch, right?

button up single crochet headband free pattern for beginner by jennyandteddy

The name kind of gives it away, doesn’t it? But that’s okay, because it’s perfect – especially for beginners.

yellow easy crochet headband for beginner

My patterns are usually (okay, always) great for beginners and this one is no exception. In fact, you only need to make a chain stitch and then add single crochet rows to it.

easy free crochet headband pattern for beginner

Once it’s long enough to wrap around your head, you decrease the length to create a nice, tapered end. You can keep adding rows until it’s the width that you want it to be. Easy peasy, right?

button up crochet headband free pattern

To finish off the crochet headband, select a button that’s a fairly nice size and use it decorate the end.

how to crochet headband for beginner

I think a bigger button looks better and adds some splash to the headband, but it’s okay to use whatever you have on hand. If you didn’t want to use a button, you could always add a flower applique to it.

beginner crochet headband

I like using cotton yarn for this because it’s more breathable than acrylic, but I’ve found that it has a lot more stretch and give. So, make your stitches tighter to help the headband hold its shape. You can use a thicker yarn, of course, but I didn’t want my head to get all sweaty from wearing the headband. Kind of defeats the purpose, you know?

single button up headband

Get the free pattern below or this pattern is also available as an inexpensive, ad-free, PDF printable instant download  in my etsy shop. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am really appreciate you.

Gauge: 4 single crochet stitches x 4 rows = 1 square inch

Let’s get start!

– I used Lion brand 24/7 cotton

3.50mm crochet hook or E/4 US hook size

Sewing yarn needle

Skill and abbreviations

-Sl st (slip knot)

-sc which mean-single crochet

-ch, Chain

-crochet decrease which mean single crochet 2 stitch together.

This pattern is made for beginners!  There is a basic skill level required to make the  design.

If you don’t understand any technical crochet words, don’t worry I got you cover!

Here is a video titled ‘free crochet class on craftsy‘and a free pdf file titled ‘the beginner’s guide to crochet‘. These will explain a lot for you.

how to make a crochet chain for headband

Start with slip knot then crochet 8 chains.

how to single crochet in row

Row1. crochet 1sc  in each of the next 7 chain from hook, ch1 turn (8)

Row2-5. crochet 1sc in each of the next 7 stitches from hook , ch1 turn (8)

Row6. crochet 1sc in each of the next 7 stitches from hook , then at the last stitch make 2sc and ch1 turn (9)

Row7. crochet 1sc in each of the next 8 stitches from hook , then at the last stitch make 2sc and ch1 turn (11)

beginner crochet headband free pattern

Row8-79. crochet 1sc in each of the next 10 stitches from hook , ch1 turn (11)

Row80. crochet 1sc in each of the next 10 stitches from hook , don’t need to make a chain just turn (10)

crochet headband free pattern for beginner tutorial

Row81. crochet 1decrease in the first 2 stitch then make 1sc each of the next 5 stitches , then make

2 crochet decrease in the last 4 stitches don’t need to make a chain just turn (8)

Row82-85. crochet 1sc in each of the next 7 stitches from hook , ch1 turn (8)

Row86. crochet 1sc in each of the next 7 stitches from hook , ch1 turn (8) and make single crochet around the edge then finish off leave long tail for attached the cute button.

single crochet head band free pattern easy tutorial

The last is add some cute button it the headband.

simple plain crochet yellow colour headband free pattern

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If you decide to make a Button Up Single Crochet Headband, snap a picture and share it with me on social media! I’d love to see how yours turns out!

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