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picot chain crochet stitch

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how to picot chain crochet stitche by jennyandteddy

Put your hand up if you guys are lace lover.

I am one of them that love lace crochet stitch because they so light and airy ,also perfect for summer or even incorporate with another basic crochet stitch to create something stunning garment.

Here they are I called it” picot chain crochet stitch”, which they are made up from chain , single and double crochet.

picot chain stitch

Skill and abbreviations

(American crochet terms)

You will need to know how to make

-St (stitch)

-sc which mean single crochet

-dc which mean double crochet

-ch, Chain


Let’s get into the pattern.

The chain will be multiple of 5+2 for the foundation.

In this small sample I start with chain 20+2

Row1. sc in second chain from hook, * chain 5,skip next 4 chains then sc in the next chain* repeat * to* across until the end of the row. turn

single crochet picot row1

Row2. * chain5 then ( sc,ch3,sc in the center ch of the previous row)*  repeat * to * across until in last  ch5 of the previous row make sc in the center of ch5 then skip2 ch and make 1dc in the last sc. ch1 turn.

row2 of single crochet picot

picot crochet lace stitch



Row3. sc in the same st. * ch5( sc,ch3,sc in the center ch of the previous row)* repeat * to * until you are in the last ch5 from the previous row then make sc in the center of ch5.

single crochet chain picot lace

single crochet chain picot by jennyandteddy

Repeat row 2 and 3 until  you get the your desired length.

That’s all.

Have no idea what to make with this picot chain stitch try cotton lace summer vest. free pattern here.

cotton ace summer vest crochet pattern free tutorial

Hope you guy enjoy it.


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Saturday 14th of October 2023

I am definitely going to try. Thank you for sharing.


Monday 6th of September 2021

Hi How many skeins (Balls) of yarn be required for this pattern if using DK please? Zoë (Uk)


Tuesday 7th of September 2021

Hi Zoe, this one you can use scrapy yarn for this example small square rectangle.


Saturday 13th of April 2019

Help Row 3 is confusing at the end. It says SC in middle of Chain 5 from previous Row but you have an arrow pointing the chain at end of Row. Please help I would love to make this today. Thank you


Saturday 13th of April 2019

sorry for that, you will sc in the middle of chain 5 from the previous row.

Rachel D

Sunday 27th of May 2018

You're right, this stitch is stunning. Talk about instant gratification! Its gorgeous already and theres only a few rows! Can't wait to try, thanks for sharing :-)


Monday 28th of May 2018

thank u Rachel.