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sunny day crochet summer top free pattern

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sunny day crochet summer top photo

Easy crochet striped halter top with closed back for summer  is here with the simple free step by step video tutorial on youtube.

With the simple crochet stitch in this cute crochet halter top use mostly double crochet will be perfect for beginner and the tie up bow on the side will make your halter top go to the next level of cuteness overload.

The tie up bow can be eaily adjustable to shorter or longer , slimer bow or thicker bow by add more chain and add more row.

easy crochet summer top image

So I had pick up some yellow color cotton yarn for the easy peasy crochet summer top, they are beginner friendly  mostly made from  double crochet, if you guy can do double crochet this pattern for crochet summer top is perfect for you!

This top is made from 2 pieces of….. I don’t know what to call the shape maybe rectangle? front panel and back panel is the same pattern for the cute bow is part of the top too!

If you guy cannot get enough of the summer top here I have more for u.

one shoulder ruffle top

One shoulder top with bow

the beginner summer top

Modern summer top tee

Let’s get start!

– I used Cotton DK weight yarn or you can also use Lion brand 24/7 cotton yarn weight 4 aran. I use around 700-800 yard.

– 3.0 mm crochet hook

– Sewing yarn needle

-stitch marker

Gauge: 4 double crochet stitch x 4 row  = 1 inch

Skill and abbreviations

You will need to know how to make (American crochet term)

-dc which mean double crochet

-sc which mean single crochet

-dc increase which mean make 2dc in the same stitch

-ch Chain

-slip knot

sunny day crochet summer top

Get the free pattern below or this pattern is also available as an inexpensive, ad-free, PDF printable instant download  in my etsy shop. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am really appreciate you.

Video tutorial for easy crochet striped halter top with closed back on youtube.

Finished Size Approximately: S-XL easy to adjust

This top is made in size  small. the other sizes are easy to adjust by  just add more chain to make it wider . see pattern detail below for bigger size. For me the model wearing this piece, I am 4’9 feet tall.


-15 inches long

-14 inches wide

This top is made from top down.

We will make this  summer top from top to bottom.

Start  by Pick up crochet hook size 3.0  mm and Start of by making a slip knot Then make 30 chains ( All size )  (foundation chain in even number)

yellow, Row1: make 1dc in the next chain from hook and across until the end of the row, ch2 turn.

yellow, Row2. now you will work 2dc  in first stitch then 1dc in each stitch across until end of the row on the last st make 2dc. ch2 turn.

white, Row3. now you will work 2dc  in first stitch then 1dc in each stitch across until end of the row on the last st make 2dc. ch2 turn.

Row 4-12. repeat row3. and we will switch up the color by use yellow color for 2 row and white color for 1 row.

On this row13. we will start to make a body of the top.

 Row13. now you will work 2dc  in first stitch then 1dc in each stitch across until end of the row on the last st make 2dc.  then ch6 ( size small) turn.

then ch6 ( size small) turn. add chain on each side or you can add more chain to increase your size that will fit you bust.

ch12 ( size medium) turn.

ch18 ( size large) turn.

ch 24 ( size XL) turn.

 Row14: make 1dc in the next chain from hook and in each st across until the end of the row, ch2 turn.

 Row15: make 1dc in the next chain from hook and across until the end of the row, ch2 turn.

Row 16 and beyond ,….Repeat row 15 and switch up color until  you get 13 inch long. or your desired length and we will start to making the bow.

Make the bow.

When we get to 13 inch long for the body length now we will start to chain about 50 for shorter bow or 100 chain for longer bow , if you guy love your bow longer then you will add more chain for example 120, 140…. etc.. as you can see in the photo above.

Then row1. we will make dc in each chain and stitch across until the end of the row, ch2 turn.

We will  repeat row1 until you get about 2 inch thick for the bow, if you want the bow bigger you and repeat row1 until you get your thickness of bow like 3 or 4 inch thick. The bigger bow the better.

After we finished first piece then we repeat the same process for the second piece.

After we got 2 pieces , now it’s time to assembly.


Lay 2 pieces in flatted on top of each other.

Then sew on the side, for the bow area no sew for have space to tie up. see photo below.

Make strap for the top.

join new yarn then chain 25 and connect the end of chain to the back piece.

Now time to making the armhole look pretty.

After we create the armhole, now it’s time to make it pretty.

by sc around the arm hole for 1 round including the strap.

then ch2, *dc,ch1, skip1 st then dc in next stitch* repeat * to * around the armhole. Fasten off.

And repeat the same for the other side of the armhole.

All done !

Happy crocheting!

If you make one I would love to see your creation tag me on Instagram!
Happy crocheting.

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Sunday 3rd of July 2022

Love the top idea thank you Karen.

Shawneequa Ramirez

Thursday 15th of April 2021

Thank you for this pattern! It is my new favorite top! I'll be wearing it all summer ❤


Friday 16th of April 2021

thank u Shawneequa.

Stinna Rode-Jepsen

Thursday 5th of March 2020

Hi. I love your patterns but your hook sizes seems a little off. For this pattern you say to use a 2.3 mm hook for a aran weight yarn, but then in the pictures it seems like you´re using a 3 mm hook.

It seems almost impossible to use anything less than 3 mm hook for an aran weight yarn.

Am I right or just confused? :-)


Thursday 5th of March 2020

HI Stinna You can use 3 mm hook that would be fine , i Have try it not much different.


Sunday 28th of April 2019

Hi just wanted to say really loved this pattern you made it easy to follow. I made it for my sister in law I'm sure she will love it! I left off the bow and did the strap pattern on the bottom. I am planning to make my self 1 and try another pattern of yours. Thank you x


Thursday 23rd of May 2019

Hi Lynn, aww that 's so sweet of you to let me know , I am so happy that it's turn out very cute.

Tonda S.

Tuesday 16th of April 2019

How difficult would it be to leaf off the bow area not my style.


Wednesday 24th of April 2019

Hi Tonda, If you leave the bow, it will be very easy just leave out at the bow instruction by that I mean no chains at the bottom of the top.