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Tiny Daisy Free Crochet Pattern

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IMAGE 167 - TEENY TINY DAISY APPLIQUE free crochet pattern

Crocheting flowers makes me relaxed and happy, especially this free daisy crochet pattern, which I designed after crochet butterfly embellishment in addition to my summer crochet project.

I love crocheting small flower appliques in the summertime because they’re quick and easy and don’t take too much yarn.

Since I am absolutely in love with my white summer dress, I decided to create a cute daisy flower headband to accessorize it!

1easy crochet daisy headband

About this simple crochet daisy pattern.

These tiny crocheted daisies appliques take about 10-15 minutes to make if you’re relatively new at crocheting but can be done in less time if you have more experience.

To create a crochet daisy, Start by making a magic adjustable ring with yellow color for the center part of the flowers, then add the white color for petals one by one with basic crochet stitches.

However, you can switch up and change to any color you like for more bright and more cheerful color to match with the summer season.

daisy tiny crochet flower free pattern

tiny crochet flower free pattern

What crochet stitch used in this flower pattern?

These small daisies use some of the same basic stitches, like single crochet and double crochet stitch, that are in my other patterns, so the skills are easily transferable. I got done enough to a headband in under an hour!

diasy small crochet flower free pattern

small flower free crochet pattern

How to create a daisy flower headband.

By I did an easy crochet chain to connect them together, and I crocheted about 2 chain stitches between them so they would have a nice space, and the result is the cutest and easy flower headband ever!

flower small easy crochet headband

I get so many compliments on mine and have seen similar things retail in the store for $15-20!

Since each crochet daisy uses so little yarn, I was able to make mine for only a couple of dollars.

The best part is that it can be adjusted to fit anyone’s head – even a child’s!

tiny crochet flower headband

All you do is add or subtract daisies from the chain. In addition to the headband, this spring/summer applique crochet project can be used for zipper pulls, hair clips, and even be sewn to a hat!

I prefer cotton yarn for this free crochet pattern because it’s so much easier to work with and feels much nicer in the finished project.

One skein of yarn will last you a very long time if you’re just using it for this project, but you can always use scrap yarn instead.

Need more easy crochet flowers pattern to make?

Skill and abbreviation.

For this project, you will need to know crochet basic stitches.

American crochet term.
How to make a magic adjustable ring

  • sc which means single crochet
  • hdc, which means half double crochet
  • dc, which means double crochet
  • sl st, which means slip stitch
  • st, which means stitch
  • sts which means stitches
  • ch, which means chain

How to crochet a daisy flower step-by-step video tutorial.

Let’s start with supplies.

  • I used scrap yarn.
  • 3.50mm crochet hook.
  • Sewing yarn needle.
  • (you can make them bigger or smaller by using bigger or smaller size crochet hooks.

Free daisy crochet pattern instruction.

Crochet the center of the flower.

Make a magic ring or adjustable ring and 5sc in the ring (5 sts)


Crocheted flower petals.

(Sl  st in the first stitch and  4hdc all in this same stitch)  repeat it around at the end; you will get 5 petals. The end!

See, how easy peasy is that? I hope you guys enjoy it!



All done.

Happy crocheting!

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