The pretty vest cardigan free crochet pattern

July is right here right now ha! This month is always raining a lot and the weather here is a bit chilly cold but not that freezing cold  in Thailand. … [Continue reading]

Lemonade summer crochet kimono cardigan free pattern

Here another summer cotton kimono cardigan for you guys to enjoy!  I called them " Lemonade summer  cardigan" or you could call a kimono. This kimono … [Continue reading]

lemonade crop top free crochet pattern

Summer  is here, and I cannot resist to making a crop top because they are so so quick to make and easy is a plus. This cute crochet Lemonade crop … [Continue reading]

date night raffle shawl free crochet pattern

Meet my Date night raffle shawl. They are so so girly girl shawl !!! , which I  love. So I pick up pretty red cotton color yarn, put your hand up if … [Continue reading]

The vacation kimono cardigan free crochet pattern

Summer is here! The sand , sea and sun make me want to go to the beach. This kimono cardigan is great for everyday wear to go out or inside the house … [Continue reading]

moss crochet stitch

Moss crochet stitch are one of beginner friendly stitch. That I love, because they are just single crochet, chain, skip 1 stitch and single crochet. … [Continue reading]

granny crochet stitch

Anyone is a fanclub of granny crochet stitch?  Put your hand up! I am one of you guys that have the love of granny stitch, They are so easy and my … [Continue reading]

Cotton lace summer vest free crochet pattern

Cotton yarn are perfect for summer garment and the lace crochet stitch will add some light and airy effect to the  pieces. So my Cotton lace crochet … [Continue reading]