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Colorblock poncho free crochet pattern

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crochet colorblock poncho free pattern with video tutorial.

Good morning girls! Finally, finally, I made this crochet colorblock poncho to the glam.

By that, I mean I finally finished writing the pattern and posted it on the blog yippie, yeah yeah ^v^.

I am super excited to share the free crochet pattern with you all. This color-block poncho had a shade of neutral color and seemed to be perfect for the fall season.

The perfect simple poncho pattern for the fall season.

I have hand-picked each color for this cozy fall poncho; the first color is a sandy fawn beige, which is a cozy color combined with the light brown woody vanilla shade.

And the last one is a dark chocolate testy color…..omg makes me hungry, lol.

The combination of those 3 colors is a warm, relaxed, and sophisticated look; They will make you feel so nice and restful when you wear them throughout the day.

This cookie and cream poncho is made from just one rectangle and folded in half using very little seam on the top to create the shoulder; that is all you done!

You will be surprised how really easy they are.

Basic stitches used in this colorblock poncho pattern.

The cookie and cream poncho uses the simple stitch pattern is only a one-row repeat of the herringbone double crochet throughout the entire poncho.

Don’t get intermediate by the name of this stitch. It’s just double crochet with a little twist, that’s all.

I have got you’ll cover for this crochet stitch in the detailed step-by-step video tutorial, so you are good to go for it.

simple crochet colorful poncho free pattern with video.

Yarn for this poncho pattern.

  • Cotton yarn: Well, I love to work with cotton yarn, of course! In this free crochet poncho pattern, I use 100% cotton fiber yarn in the DK weight, or you could go for a 4 medium weight is also fine too. It is not much different.
  • Polyester and wool yarn: also work fine in DK weight or 4 medium weight.

Need more best free crochet ponchos patterns to make this summer?

Supplies & materials for crochet color block poncho.

  • I used Lion brand 24/7 cotton yarn weight 4 aran. I use around 1500 yards. ( one size fit all)
  • I used 3 colors for this poncho pattern.
  • I am using about  1500 yards altogether.
  • 5.0 mm crochet hook
  • Sewing yarn needle
  • stitch marker
  • Gauge: ” 3 stitches of herringbone double crochet = 1 inch
  • Note: we are crocheting this poncho loosely, not too tight.
Easy crochet wrapcho free pattern with video on youtube.

Skill and abbreviations

  • (American crochet terms)
  • You will need to know how to make
  • Sl st (slip stitch)
  • dc, which means double crochet
  • Herringbone double crochet stitch video tutorial.
  • hbdc – herringbone double crochet: yarn over, insert hook into next chain, yarn over and pull through the chain and the first loop on the hook, yarn over and draw through 1 more loop on the hook, yarn over and draw through both loops on hook.
  • ch, Chain
  • slip knot

One size fit all: 

For me the model wearing this piece, I am 4’9 feet tall.


crochet color block poncho made  from one rectangle.

one rectangle 18×54 inch.

How to crochet one rectangle color-block poncho for the beginners video tutorial.

color block ponchos free pattern youtube video.

Pick up a crochet hook size 5. oo mm and Start off by making a slip knot.

Then make 170 chains plus 3 chains =173 chains  (foundation chain multiple of 2 + 3 ).

You will crochet it loosely, not too tight, to create a soft and squishy.

Row 1: Skip the first 3rd chain from hook (counts as 1 dc), 1 hbdc in next ch, and every ch until the end of the row ( ch3 turn counts as 1 dc)

Row 2: skip the first st, 1 hbdc in the next st, and every st of hbdc until the end of the row; in the last st, make hbdc in the ch3 of the previous row. ( ch3 turn counts as 1 dc)

Row 3 and beyond. Repeat row 2 until we get 18 inches deep and fasten off. Leave long tail for sewing.

folding crochet rectangle in hallf.
How to assemble crochet rectangle.

Assemble the poncho.

After we all finished with the long rectangle piece, now time for assembly.

Lay a piece of a big rectangle in flatted and then fold them in half and sew along the edge to create the shoulder by using a yarn needle. See pic below.

Then place the stitch marker to fix where the open neck is. then use a yarn needle to sew along to create the shoulder.

After we sew the shoulder, the piece will look like this.

poncho crochet color block cookie and cream free pattern.

All done!

Happy crocheting!

If you make one I would love to see your creation tag me on Instagram!

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Tuesday 18th of April 2023

Love all of these! Thanks


Wednesday 23rd of February 2022

OMG, This is a very-very beautiful pattern! Thank you and have a nice week!


Wednesday 11th of March 2020

Super cute hun. Thanks so much for this great pattern!