Pretty me oversize chunky cardigan free crochet pattern

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pretty me oversize chunky cardigan free crochet pattern by jennyandteddy

Let’s crochet this simple oversized chunky cardigan pattern with step by step video tutorial made with 4 medium weight yarn that feel  and look chunky. A good cozy cardigan is one of my favorite item to wear in the chilling cold day around the house.

So I called them “Pretty me oversize chunky cardigan” . They are made up from one piece of crochet rectangle or basicly you just make a big blanket and turn them into the cardigan .

See how simple they are?

This pretty me chunky cardigan made  in beautiful grey color that everyone love.

Simple pattern & beginner friendly.

This free pattern of chunky crochet cardigan is made up from just 1 big rectangle and fold th each end up to create the armhole.

And the crochet stitch in this cardigan is very basic for beginner.

If you love this cardigan you will like this easy crochet granny stitch cardigan made from a rectangle.

Let’s get start!

– I used worst weigh, yarn weight 4 medium. , The one  That I would recommend is from Lion brand feel like butta yarn, arcylic mixed ,They have a great varities at a good price!!! I Love them ^^. Or you could go for cotton blend for comfy texture .

-I am using about   1000-1500 yard all together. (example size s to m)

– 6 mm crochet hook or J/10 US hook size

– Sewing yarn needle

easy chunky blanket crochet chunky cardigan

Skill and abbreviations

(American crochet terms)

You will need to know how to make

-Sl st (slip stitch)

-sc which mean single crochet

-dc which mean double crochet

-hdc which mean half double crochet

Camel stitch which mean work Hdc in Third loop only

Special stitch use called ” criss cross double crochet”

Chain 2 (counts as double crochet),Turn, *skip first stitch, double crochet into next, then go back to the stitch that we just skip and make double crochet into this stitch *, this will creating the criss cross*, repeat* this to the end. double crochet into last stitche.

-ch, Chain

-slip knot

pretty me oversize chunky cocoon cardigan free crochet patten

Finished Size Approximately: one size fit all adult from small to medium.

Gauge: 2 criss cross stitch = 1.5 inch

crochet gauge for pretty me cardigan
pretty me chunky cardigan

Get the free pattern below or this pattern is also available as an inexpensive, ad-free, PDF printable instant download  in my etsy shop. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am really appreciate you.

Video tutorial.


of the example  rectangle 43×29 is for size small for medium.

-43 inches wide

-29 inches long

chunky cardigan1
pretty me cocoon cardigan beginner friendly

Pretty me oversize chunky cardigan instruction.

Start of by making a slip knot Then make 112 chains foundation chain. 

(you can adjust the size of cardigan to be small by decrease   foundation chain in even number. or Bigger size by increase foundation chain in even number. For example (120,130,140…etc)

S-M chain112

Large – XL chain 120

2XL-3XL chain 140

4XL chain 160

Row 1: sc in each chain across, turn

Row2: ch2, then Start to make criss cross double crochet stitch in each stitch across until end of the row. ch1 turn

Row3. make 1Sc  in each  space across until end of the row.

Repeat row 2 and 3 until your rectangle measures approximately 43 inch wide and 29 inches long  then finished  off and leave long tail for sewing.

how to create the arm hole for the cardigan crochet

Shape armhole.

Lay the piece of rectangle in flatted and fold each corner inward until they meet then using your yarn needle to seam the corner with your prefer method ( I used whip stitch) and leaving  holes for the arm. For the arm holes I leave my one about 5.5 inch or your prefer length.

Repeat for the other side.

For the edging/collar.

For the collar we will worked along the edge of the opening of the cardigan back and forth in rows with Hdc in third loop only. Start at the bottom front corner of the cardigan where the first stitch marker place, working around the back of the neck  to the bottom front corner on the other side where the second stitch marker place. (See photo below.)

pretty me cardigan adding the collar easy
Start by Place  each stitch marker  at the bottom front corner of the cardigan. The gap between first stitch marker to the second is about 16 inch wide (see photo below).

pretty me crochet blanket cardigan free pattern

Rejoin your yarn at the first stitch marker is place.

join the yarn at the maker point of the bottom front of the cardigan

Row1.  hdc all around the opening of the cardigan start at where the first stitch marker is place and finish at the second stitch marker is place.

Row2.  hdc in third loop only (camel stitch) all around the opening of the cardigan start at where the first stitch marker is place and finish at the second stitch marker is place.

Row3. Repeat row2 until your collar measure around 6 inches deep. Fasten  off and weave in end.

1adding the collar for the crochet cardigan
Now enjoy your new Pretty me cardigan.
If you make one I would love to see your creation tag me on Instagram! would love to see your creation.
Happy crocheting.

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  1. I love this pattern! Can you suggest another yarn with no wool in it that would be comparable?

  2. Hi Courtney, for non wool I would recommend Brava Bulky Yarn from knit picks.

  3. Can you tell me approximately what size this would be? I assume medium? I would like to make an XL one, about how many inches wide would the first row need to be? I love the simplicity of this pattern, rectangle, I can do rectangle! Thank you so much for posting this.

  4. HI Laura, it fit from size small to large. for the guage is 2 criss cross stitch = 1.5 inch. I have add photo how to measure the guage in the post.

  5. I just finished this. Used Mainstay yarn from Walmart. 1.97 skein, and only took 5 skeins. Also couldn’t figure out camel stitch and used low ridge front. Looks great. I am larger so I used the span from fingertips and size was perfect. I just kept trying it on for length.

  6. aww that so sweet of u Debbie. Thanks for making it so pretty.

  7. Wendy Wesa says

    Gerttng ready to start this cardigan and have a question on the collar. When you get to the second row do you fasten off at the second stitch marker and then rejoin yarn and then start again at the first stitch marker or do you keep tuning and then go back up to the start, turn etc. .Guess my question is do you fasten off at the end of each row or turn and go back around.

  8. Hi Wendy, on the collar when I get to the second row, do not fasten off and then ch1 and keep turning and go back around until finished the collar.

  9. Jodie Potter says

    I have just started this cardigan, I was just wondering, I have started with an even number of chains (130) and I am one chain short at the end of row 2 for the criss cross double crochet stitch. If I add another chain at the start then I will be starting with an uneven number of chains opposite to what you suggested. Do you have any ideas?
    Thank you.

  10. Hi Jodie,
    if you 1 stitch short just made dc in the last stitch at the end of the row. hope this help.

  11. Jodie Potter says

    Thank you so much for your quick reply. I will do that 🙂

  12. I wanted to use worsted weight yarn (4) instead of chunky. Would I need to adjust my hook size? If so, what hook size would you recommend? Love the look of this cozy cardigan but I am usually hot so was considering a littler yarn. TIA

  13. HI Jean, the hook size would be 5 mm for yarn weight 4, this way will make the project loosely and more airly, I suppose but the project will take more time than chunky yarn, or you could holding 2 strand of yarn while crochet and use the 6mm hook size.
    Oh if you mmm… a little bit too hot for the thicker yarn I would recommend for cotton yarn 4 aran with 6 mm hook go well with it.

  14. I have yarn which is recomending to knit 6-8mm . Can i use hook 8mm? It then i used less yarn? I want size smal.

  15. HI Basis, yes you can use 8 mm hook it will speed up the cardigan faster and the definitely use less yarn, for small size you can just simple decrease the foundation chain.

  16. Hi,
    Im taller the average, I see how to make it wider, but can just doing more rows will it get out of balance ?

  17. Hi Cheryl, yes please add more row they will not get out of balance because when you assembly by flod up each end to meet they will be match, hope this help.

  18. Kerry Joanne Rowberry says

    May I recommend an edit for Row 3?
    Instead of Single Crochet all along the row, SC but drop stitch every other one so it falls between the Criss Cross Double Crochet stitches. This gives a neater finish to the spaces created between the CCDC.

  19. thanks you. Kerry

  20. I would love to start this sweater and picked my yarn, Loops & Threads Cozy Wool. Wondering how many skeins of yarn if will take? I could only get the last 5 at Michaels. So will need to order more.

  21. Hi Nicole, I use around 1500 yarn to 1800 yarn.

  22. Elisabeth says

    Hi Nicole. Thank you for this lovely pattern. I appreciate it very much. I will be making this. I love the stitches you used!

  23. Elisabeth says

    Hi Jane. Love this shrug. Especially the stitches used as well as the 6 inch wide collar! Thanks. Will be making this now.

  24. Thanks u Elisabeth, just make my day love love.

  25. You write that you used 4 medium weight yarn, but this is a chunky cardigan. Do you mean you used 5 bulky weight yarn?

  26. Hi Anita, I use 4 medium weight yarn that are feel like a chunky texture.

  27. That’s an excellent suggestion! I gotta try that. Thanks! 😊

  28. Thank you HOlly.

  29. The size of the rectangle 43 X 29 made for all sizes? Thanks in advance

  30. The 43X29 rectangle is made for what size.
    Thanks in advance

  31. size s to m for 43×29

  32. size s to m.

  33. I am confused when you state third loop only


    Do you have a video for this pattern?

  35. Yes video tutorial in this post Marian,.

  36. Thank you for getting back with the answer.

  37. HI Marian in the third loop by that I mean in the collar front loop mean 1st loop, back loop mean 2nd loop, third loop mean on the side after the second loop. if you see the video tutorial you will understand.


    Thank you for answering so quickly.

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