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Easy crochet slit skirt pattern for all sizes

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Easy crochet split/slit skirt for beginner make in any size.

Simple crochet slit skirt is so modern and fun to make and also easy to wear. You will love the high waisted wide split skirt That you can customize to any size and any lenght and they will give you a cute and sexy feminine look for any season.

You will have fun to mixed and match with easy slit skirt.

Beginner friendly crochet wide slit skirt.

This cute mini crochet slit skirt is made for beginner all you need is half double crochet stitch and the construction is made from just one long rectangle and join them up that all you done!

You will be surprise how easy this crochet skirt are.

Simple crochet skirt with wide split free pattern plus size.

Make them in any size.

This split skirt you can make them in any size , they are made to measure just simple add more row the the rectangle to fit your size.

The lenght of the skirt is easy to customize to longer or shorter depend on what your style.

What kind of yarn is best for this crochet slit/split skirt?

You can use any kind of Dk weight yarn/ 3 light for any fiber content you like for example,

Acrylic yarn , polyester will give the skirt the streachy feel or a cotton yarn will give you crochet skirt not much streachy but breathable for hot and humid weather. To sum up you can use any kind of Dk weight yarn for this skirt.

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Let’s get into this slit skirt free pattern shall we?

Beginner crochet skirt plus size free pattern.


– I used cotton DK weight yarn 900 yard for size fit up to waisted line 28 inches hip 35 inches.

– 3.5 mm crochet hook

– Sewing yarn needle

Gauge: 4 hdc = 1 inch

Skill and abbreviations

you will need to know how to make (American crochet term)

-sc which mean single crochet

-dc which mean double crochet

-hdc which mean half double crochet

-blo which mean crochet in back loop only

-ch Chain

-slip knot

-sk  mean skip stitch

Finished Size Approximately:

 This example skirt is made to fit size 27-28 inch hip 35 inches.

This skirt is made to measure and they are easy to adjust by  just add more row to the rectangle  to make it bigger. see pattern below.

For me the model wearing this piece, I am 4’9 feet tall.

Video tutorial.

Easy crochet split skirt free pattern instruction.

The split part is for all size (all size made the same).

Start making foundation chain for all size.

We will start with 50 chain After we chain 50 chains you will get around 12.5 inch long then will will start on row1.

Row1. Make hdc in each chain across until the end of the row. For the last 6 stitch we make for the brim of the skirt make sc chain 1 and turn.

Row2. Make sc in both loop in the next 6 stitch for the brim of the skirt then make hdc back loop only in each stitch across until the end of the row. chani 1 and turn

Row3 and 4. repeat row 2 chain 1 and turn.

Now we will start to increase at the edge of the skirt to make bigger split.

Row5. Make sc in both loop on the brim of the skirt then make hdc in back loop only in each stitch across until the end of the row then at the last stitch make 2hdc. chain 1 and turn.

Row6. Make 2hdc in the first stitch continue to increase from row5. then make hdc back loop only in each stitch across until the end of the row in the brim of the skirt make scin both loop for 6 stitch. chain 1 and turn.

Row7-11. repeat row 6 then at the end of row11 we will chain 20 to make the skirt longer , on this part you can customize the lenght of the skirt by add more chain for longger skirt and chain1 and turn.

crochet slit skirt free tutorial.

After row 11 we will stop increasing for the split skirt.

Row12 and more. Make hdc in each chain across in back loop only until the end of the row. For the 6 stitch we make for the brim of the skirt make sc in both loop chain 1 and turn.

ANd we will repeat row12 to add the lenght to the skirt until they can wrap around your hip.

i made it into 33 inch long include the split part for my skirt , my hip is 35 so it less than by 2 inches because the ribbed will give more streachy.

Assemble the skirt.

Lay the rectangle in flatted the fold each end until they meet then use yarn needle to sewing to create the skirt. Then i will make a tie for the lenght that can wrap around my waisted line to put in the brim of the skirt to secure the skirt.

All done!

Happy crocheting!

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Thursday 17th of March 2022

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