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Lacy crochet granny stitch sweater

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crochet granny stitch lacy summer sweater.

This simple crochet granny stitch sweater top is versatile it is such a fun way to add some layering to your favorite summer weather clothes or wear it as its own for a cover-up.

This lightweight crop-length granny sweater is easy to customize the length to suit your style, either for a long tunic dress or a full-length top.

Lacy granny stitch crochet sweater top for summer free pattern.

Easy breezy granny stitch sweater for summer.

This granny sweater is a summer must-have item in your wardrobe. They are quick and simple.

The construction of this long sleeves sweater is simple and has a relaxed fit with no shaping involved.

This free crochet sweater pattern is made from 4 identical rectangles with a basic crochet stitch, double crochet, and chain to create the beautiful stitch called the granny stitch, which is perfect for beginners.

And If you girl crocheting a granny square before, I guarantee that you can make this sweater easy!

The sweater is made to measure, so you girl can easily crochet them in any size from extra small to plus size.

How to measure your should to crochet a sweater.

How to size this lightweight sweater to fit your body.

This easy crochet sweater pattern is made to measure, so you girl can crochet this granny stitch sweater in any size from extra small to plus size by we will measure your shoulder size, and that is your foundation chain.

I put more detail in the video tutorial on how you measure it so that you can make a perfect fit for your beautiful body.

How to crochet a granny stitch sweater in 3 easy steps.

  • Step1. measure your shoulder for the perfect fit of your size.
  • Step2. crocheting 4 big basic squares with granny stitch in a row, 2 rectangles, one for the front panel and one for the back panel, and 2 more for the long sleeves.
  • Step3. simple seam, now time to join all 4 pieces together to create the granny sweater with a basic seam. That’s all you done.
scheepjes soft fun cotton blend yarn crochet granny lacy stitch in a row.

Yarn for a granny sweater pattern.

In this free pattern, the example piece, I use cotton blend dk weight yarn/3 light. However, I will be talking about yarn substitutes that you can use for this lacy sweater pattern.

Yarn weight:

dk weight yarn/3 light: will give the sweater breezy and lightweight, great for summer wear.

4 medium-weight yarn: will do just fine as same as dk weight the result will become the same beautiful.

Bulky yarn: will be ok as long as you get the measurement for your fit right and your crochet sweater will be speed up with this bulky yarn, and this chunky yarn will keep you cozy and warm in the chilling cold day

In short, you girl can pick any yarn weight to crocheted granny stitch sweater depending on what purpose you need to use this sweater for.

Yarn fiber:

Cotton yarn and plant fiber: will be perfect for the summer season, and they give a beautiful drape to the sweater.

Wool yarn: will do just fine to keep you warm in the winter.

Acrylic yarn: also great budget-friendly of all kinds and give more stretchy to the garment.

Easy lightweight crochet sweater.

Need more summer lacy sweater patterns to crochet?

Material & supplies.

  • In this free crochet sweater pattern,I used DK weight yarn/3 light from Scheepjes softfun color 2480 pink, around 700 yards = 5 skeins for sizes example, small to medium from bust size 30-34 inches.
  • 1 skein of scheepjes Softfun is 50 gram=140m 60% cotton with 40% Acrylic
  • 4.0 mm crochet hook
  • Sewing yarn needle

Skill and abbreviations

you will need to know how to make (American crochet term)

Finished Size for this easy sweater Approximately:

 This example crochet sweater is made to fit size small to medium 30-36 inch bust size

For me, the model wearing this piece, I am 4’9 feet tall, bust of 32 inches.


  • This sweater can make in any size they are made by measuring your shoulder.
  • The rectangle front and the back are made with the same stitch.
  • The sleeves are made with the same stitch pattern as the front and back panels; just the length is different.

How to crochet granny sweater step-by-step video.

How to crochet granny stitch sweater top video tutorial step by step.

granny stitch sweater

Get the free pattern below or this pattern is also available as a small fee, ad-free, PDF printable instant download  in my etsy shop. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am really appreciate you.

Granny stitch crochet sweater free pattern instruction.

The sweater body makes 2 pieces.

The back & front panel makes 2 pieces.

crochet front and back panel of sweater.

The measurement of one rectangle.

  • 13 inches long for a crop size length. A full-length sweater is 15-16 inches. Just add more rows.
  • 16 inches wide fit bust size 30-36 inches.
front and back panel.

First, let’s measure your shoulder. For example, my shoulder length is 16 INCHES.

So I will get 16 inches for the width of my front and back panel; feel free to add more inches for an oversize.

See the video tutorial for how to make them into your size.

Start a foundation chain.

Pick up a crochet hook size 4.0 mm and Start off by making a slip knot.

Then make 60+2 chains  for sizes small and medium  fit from bust size 30-36 ( For the other size, start a foundation chain in multiples of 3+2 that matches your shoulder length size measurement)

After you get the foundation chain then, make sc in each chain across, turn, and start row 1 of the granny stitch.

First section Granny stitch row 1-4.

Row1: ch2, then make 1dc in the same stitch * skip 2 stitches, then work 3dc in next stitch*   repeat * to * across until end of the row until you will have 3 stitches remain, skip 2 st, 2dc in the last stitch, ch2 turn.

Row2. now you will work 3dc  in each space ( between double crochet groups) across until the end of the row, then dc in the last stitch,  turn.

Row 3 and row 4 Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Second section Simple lace stitch row 5-7.

Continue from row 4.

Row5. dc in the same st, *ch1,skip1, then dc in next st* repeat this * to * until the end of the row at the end, make dc in the chain space from the previous row. Chain 2 and turn.

Row6. dc in the same st, *ch1,skip1, then dc in next st* repeat this * to * until the end of the row at the end, make dc in the chain space from the previous row. Chain 1 and turn.

Row7. sc in each st and in each chain space across. Turn.

Now we will repeat rows 1-7 until you get your desired length of the sweater.

My one is about 13 inches long for the crop-length sweater top.

Crocheting the long sleeves.

The long sleeves make 2 pieces.

Long sleeves made from crochet rectangles.

The measurement of one rectangle for the sleeves.

  • 13 inches long for sleeves length. Just add more rows for longer sleeves.
  • 15 inches wide fit armhole 7.5 inches when folded in half.
How to crochet a long sleeves for summer sweater.

Start a foundation chain.

Pick up a crochet hook size 4.0 mm and Start off by making a slip knot.

Then make 48+2 chains for sleeves length 13 inches long. ( For the longer sleeve, start a foundation chain in multiples of 3+2)

After you get the foundation chain then, make sc in each chain across, turn, and start row 1 of the granny stitch.

Repeat rows 1-7 from the stitch pattern of the sweater body above until you get the desired size of your armhole.

Assemble the sleeve, fold the rectangle in half, then sew each end to create the tube for each piece of the rectangle.

Assemble sweater.

After we finish with the seam of the 2 long sleeves, now we are going to lay the front and the back panel flatted, then sew the top edge of the front and back panel together to create the shoulder. See the photo below.

Now attach the the2 sleeves to the sweater body.

That’s all you done.

Assemble granny stitch sweater.

Happy crocheting.

Finished  the granny  long sleeves sweater photo.

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Ésta hermoso éste suéter, lo voy a elaborar, muchas gracias por compartir, bendiciones 🙏

Kathy Hollabaugh

Saturday 15th of July 2023

I am 88 years old and my Grandma taught me to crochet when I was about8 or 9.Doing bib and booties now. I really like your patterns and how you describe them. Best wishes.KH


Tuesday 8th of August 2023

Aww Kathy you are so sweetheart thank u so much.


Friday 23rd of June 2023

Do you have a pdf of this sweater top please. I have an eye condition that won't allow me to look at screens for more that 10 minutes and sometimes shorter if keep looking and away and looking again. I've had all sorts of gadgets and glasses to try and get round but nothing so far works. But I can read for hours with a real book or on paper as it doesn't have moving pixels thankyou debbie


Saturday 24th of June 2023

Hi Debbie, the pdf is coming soon I just have to put it togeth in the format.