Button Up Single Crochet Headband free crochet pattern

button up single crochet headband free pattern for beginner by jennyandteddy

There's benefits to having longer hair and I wouldn't trade mine, but in the warm weather? It's absolutely no fun to have it hanging in your face. To combat these stray locks, I came up with the Button Up Single Crochet Headband and it free pattern, you're going to love it! … [Continue reading]

Long double crochet fringe scraf free pattern

how to crochet long double fringe scraft for beginner

I really have no idea how I've been crocheting this long and never tackled a double crochet scarf pattern. I mean, crocheting and scarves are like the peanut butter and jelly of the craft world, right?! Anyway, I am super excited, because my first attempt to make a simple scarf with fringe on the … [Continue reading]

Oh Boy Slouchy Beanie Hat free crochet Pattern for Beginners

oh boy slouchy hat free crochet pattern for men guy

  Guys in hats, Look so cute! so I decided to create a pattern that's perfect for a guy to wear without looking girly. Meet Oh Boy Slouchy Beanie Hat FREE crochet Pattern for Beginners. Since I wanted to make it for a guy, I ditched the feminine colors and went with a rich, chocolatey … [Continue reading]

The beginner wide brim sun hat free crochet pattern

how to crochet sun hat for beginner by jennyandteddy

Friends, it's hot. Really hot. Summer is here and April, being the hottest month in Thailand, has been sweltering. So, what's a crocheting girl to do? Make a wide brim crochet sun hat, of course! … [Continue reading]

The Easiest ribbed blue beanie crochet hat free pattern

easy ribbed crochet hat free pattern1

Hey Guys! Here is the super easy crochet design of a blue beanie hat. I was walking on the beach with my lovely son the other day. I saw the blue sky and the sea, which inspired this blue beanie. … [Continue reading]

30-Minute Bunny Ear Headband Free Crochet Pattern

easy crochet easter bunny ear headband free pattern

It's almost time for the Easter Bunny to make an appearance and this year I decided to get in on the act. Since it's a bit too warm (and weird!) to wear an entire Easter Bunny costume, I decided to try my hand at a bunny ear headband instead. … [Continue reading]

Easy duckling applique free crochet pattern

croxchet duck applique free pattern

I am so in love with Spring! From the colors to the smell in the air, everything just seems fresh and new. My son and I were reading a book the other day that was all about baby animals, so I crocheted up some easy duckling appliques for him. This free crochet pattern is perfect for Springtime … [Continue reading]

Pinwheel crochet flower free pattern

pinwheel crochet flower free pattern

Flowers make me happy. Whether they’re real ones, fake ones, or my favorites – crochet ones, I love the sight of them. This pinwheel crochet flower free pattern came from my desire to branch out and create a flower with more depth and dimension. Sure enough, this pinwheel flower has it! … [Continue reading]