23 free &easy crochet baskets patterns

23 free patterns for cute and useful crochet baskets

Probably everyone has at home a bunch of little things for different purposes that do not have their own specific place. Well, let's face it, it really can make a mess. For such things, and the bigger and smaller, I use baskets. Crocheted baskets are not just a way to bring some things in order, but … [Continue reading]

12+ Free Hello Kitty Crochet Patterns inspired

12+ free hello kitty crochet inspired

  Hello Kitty is a cute cat with simple design. It is a favorite character of many girls. That is why it has become detail on many girl's accessories and a kind of brand. I'm a big fan of this kitty. However, having Hello Kitty accessory sometimes costs a little fortune. I am not a … [Continue reading]

Tea collection summer sale up to 50% off


I fell in love with Tea collection clothes , their clothes are colourful and unique. I like that ,Every season the bring fresh designs based on destination they travel to, like India theme, china etc.. Their clothes are well made, good quality and stylish. … [Continue reading]

Fever Is Our Friend?

fever is our friend.

To be honest, I'm one of those parents who turn on the button for worry when I feel that little Geo's hug is warmer than it should be. I can feel that my 14 month old baby has a fever without a thermometer. Of course, before I really start to worry, I check if my instincts cheat me and measure … [Continue reading]

Does Your Baby Need Soap or Shampoo

Does baby need soap or shampoo

  Like most of you, when it comes to baby care products, I pick the ones that are gentle for  the baby's sensitive skin and which give a good value for money. I do not know about you, but I always pay attention and read ingredients in baby care product before I buy it. And I always find … [Continue reading]

50 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

50 Ways To Use Coconut Oil by jennyandteddy

  Life in Thailand has many advantages. Among them is the fresh young coconut that easy to find. When I heard people talked about how much they love to use coconut oil for their skin and more. I was curious and interested, so after done some more research and research about the … [Continue reading]

17 Amazing Halloween Free Crochet Pattern

17 Amazing Halloween Free Crochet Pattern

Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, but let’s be honest it’s mostly about the candy. Don’t forget to think of your costume idea in advance; you don’t want to wait until last minute. Speaking of last minute, you should get your decorations prepared in advance too! We’ve prepared a … [Continue reading]

30+ Free Easy Crochet Cup Cozy Pattern

30+ Free Easy Crochet Cup Cozy Pattern

Have you ever struggled with a hot cup in the morning? Or maybe you’ve been trying to find a way to keep your drink warm? Either way we’ve got a stylish solution for you here with a crocheted cup cozy! We’ve collected a few patterns that will allow you to crochet your own cup cozies so that … [Continue reading]

40+ free easy crochet bag & purse patterns

40+free easy crochet bag and purse pattern tutorial

  One of the biggest fashion statements you can make is with your purse. A purse can display a wide variety of things about you, like what … [Continue reading]

Hello summer!

hello summer

Hello summer! Summer is here! The month of April is the hottest in Thailand.  We are enjoyed and have a great fun this summer.  Met … [Continue reading]

Gymboree 25% off


Gymboree offers  good value  of kid clothes, they are affordable and  excellent quality,  I love their cute designs for both boy and girl. I … [Continue reading]

Two Monkey amigurumi-free pattern

monkey free amigurumi pattern

Meet Two little Monkey boy and girl , they are brother and sister. They both very energetic and love to have fun running around especially in their … [Continue reading]