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Little friends amigurumi-free pattern

little friends free amigurumi crochet pattern by jennyandteddy


Meet Little friends, The cutest edition of  my amigurumi animal patterns.  Well, what I like about them the most is they made up from the same basic pattern and you can create more animal from this pattern by just change colour or change nose and ear.

I think they are great to add some cuteness in your Ami collection, don’t you? Oh, and did you know they are work up pretty easy with those basic crochet stitches, like single crochet.

The tip and trick when I crocheted this little group ,  start with head and body first make many of them and follow by  arm and leg. [Read more…]


chicken or duck crochet applique free pattern

free crochet pattern chicken applique by jennyandteddy
free crochet pattern chicken applique by jennyandteddy

Hello Everyone!
Are you thinking about easy Easter crochet project?  Well,This adorable little chicken or duck crochet applique tutorial may be just what you are looking for.

They are easy and fun to make and can be used in so many different ways from decorate your hat, clothes, broochs!

chicken , duck crochet applique free patterns [Read more…]


Two little ducky amigurumi crochet pattern

chicken crochet free amigurumi pattern

Meet two little ducky. They were born in a loving family, that caring and cheerful.

This two love to eat cupcake  that their mommy made for them and love to run around like a little monkey.

To be honest, when I made this two, I was having an idea to make another version of baby chicken that has a long leg and cute tiny mouth. After I finished them. I ran to show my hubby and  said ” guess what am I making ” He stopped to thinking a bit and answer  “they are cute duck”.

Oh well , here they come the twin ducky! So tell me what you think about them.

duck amigurumi free pattern

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Free amigurumi baby chick pattern


15 easy free animal crochet hat free patterns

Happy Wednesday!

15 easy free animal crochet hat pattern by jennyandteddy

Who doesn’t love to make a cute crochet hat for baby especially animal hat? Let’s dress up your little one in this fun animal hat and they will be perfect for their first newborn photo shoot. You can also make them in so many different types of animal range from Elephant to Monkey!

I have organized our 15 easy free crochet baby animal hat patterns designed by me (jennyandteddy) in one place. Share this post, comment, create and Pin it to your board for the cute collection.

Ready set go! [Read more…]


30 free easy Easter crochet patterns

Hop hop  like a bunny…..

30 free easy easter crochet patterns

Well….. Easter is coming soon, We need some hand croched  to spice up your house!

Have you guys thinking and have plan to crocheted something for Easter decoration yet? I know some of you might looking for the last minute quick and easy crochet project to make.

Here I handpicked super adorable crochet Easter free pattern for you. What could be more special than your handmade crocheted décor in this season.

What are you waiting for, Let’s start to crochet ! [Read more…]


Pad Ka-Pao (Basil Stir-fry)

Pad Ka Pao  – spicy stir-fried prawns with Thai holy basil

Hi Guys, Guess what, today I want to share with you, my favourite famous Thai Dish, that’s just a little bit spicy and is loved by Thai and Foreigners alike.

Pad Ka Pao one of many famous dish in Thailand.  You can find it on most any food stalls in food street corners, Choose either seafood, prawns, minced pork or chicken and they can make you a dish to your taste.   [Read more…]


15+free crochet christmas stocking patterns

This year we’re offering you plenty of free Christmas stocking crochet patterns to help make your holiday even more special!

Christmas stockings are a strange and yet very special Christmas tradition. I don’t know who would have thought to leave toys in socks by the fireplace, but I definitely love it. [Read more…]