Rose girl bunny- free amigurumi pattern

rose crochet doll girl amigurumi free crochet pattern by jennyandteddy
rose girl free amigurum crochet pattern

Hi everyone!
free amigurumi girl doll bunny pattern by jennyandteddy

This cute  amigurumi doll crochet pattern free tutorial is made for beginner crochet outhere and Her name is Rose girl.

There are so many things I love about my first amigurumi doll designed of a little girl Rose , she wear  pink bunny costume. Like, dark brown curly hair and white trim on the skirt And she is also free amigurumi pattern of the month.

In this pattern I use a little bit of funfur yarn to give the doll look cute in white boot and in the edge of skirt ,hat and boot.

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boho dream crop top free crochet pattern

boho dream crochet crop top free pattern

Let’s make this  easy and fun crochet boho top! Meet Boho dream easy crochet crop top for  beginner crocheter out there!

This  fun crochet boho top with the style  are so simple and super easy to do. They are made from just 2 rectangles with only use double crochet stitch! I use cotton yarn.

This  crochet piece is very quick to whip up as well as simple to adjust to the bigger size. [Read more…]

Nina chunky poncho wrap free crochet pattern

nina easy chunky poncho wrap crochet tutorial

Hello October! Let’s meet the easiest and chunky crochet poncho free pattern called Nina.

Oh the name of this  crochet poncho is inspired from my favorite singer song.

I love love to work with the chunky yarn so much because they can speed up my crochet  piece to finsihed it quicky. This beginner crochet poncho free pattern come with step by step video tutoria. [Read more…]

Toasted honey cocoon cardigan free crochet pattern


easy toasted honey cocoon cardigan

Fall is coming along and we are more than half year already!

Let’s meet Toasted honey cocoon crochet cardigan, well…. well , how do I came up with this delicio name? Mmmmm ….this is my favorite  breakfast right now ^^.

This oversize  and super simple crochet cocoon cardigan or we could called it a blanket cardigan also. They are made just one piece of rectangle and fold  each end up to create the shoulder. [Read more…]

love you to the moon poncho wrap-free crochet pattern

Looking for simplest pattern for crochet poncho?  Let’s meet Love you to the moon easy crochet poncho wrap with the ribbed edge that perfect for summer and spring.

The name of this easy beginner friendly perfect is remind me of the forever love for my mom, She always be the number one in my heart.

 Love you to the moon crochet poncho wrap is made from just one  long rectangle and fold them up in half and sew the side to create shoulder and that it you done. [Read more…]

Nicky Cheeky Monkey Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Nicky monkey free amigurumi pattern by jennyandteddy

Let’s make this fun monkey crochet free pattern! Remember a couple years ago I share these two little monkey brother and sister amigurumi pattern?

Well they are still one of my favourite and you can make them to go together with not another sock monkey baby hat free pattern. [Read more…]

bobble stitch crochet top free pattern

Meet bobble stitch crochet top. if you guys obsessed all thing that make with bobble stitch like me !

The bobble crochet stitch, they always give the rich and lovely texture to the crochet clothes so I make this crochet top into a kind of summer season, they are also easy and fun to make only 1 row of bobble stitch repeat!

The bobble pattern is very similar to crochet bubblegum poncho.

I made this easy bobble stitch crochet top with pure cotton yarn and they are only made just from 2 rectangles. [Read more…]

boho chic crochet crop top free pattern

Hi everyone! Say hello to June! June  is a raining season and some day sometime in between is wet , hot and cold.

So  am looking for something to make myself that I can actually wear often and cool at the same time. [Read more…]

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