everyday cocoon cardigan free crochet pattern

easy everyday cocoon crochet cardigan

Meet Everyday cocoon cardigan! The perfect for everyday wear around the house or  just a cold day. 

This super easy peasy cocoon cardigan made from one long rectangle and use one row repeat for all along the piece. [Read more…]

everyday shrug free crochet pattern

easy everyday shrug crochet tutorial blueLooking for easy everyday shrug to crochet and wear?

Here you come to the right place,  This pretty everyday easy crochet shrug is super simple and soft made from Lion brand yarn ” feel like butta”.

The shrug is basically made from just one rectangle and then fold the end up and sew the arm. That’s all u need to do! [Read more…]

All dc cocoon cardigan free crochet pattern

all double crochet cocoon cardigan free crochet tutorial

Here another one of my favorite cocoon cardigan which is all you need to know is  double crochet stitch which is  very basic skill.

If you girl can do double crochet stitch  then you can make this pretty cocoon cardigan easy peasy like a piece of cake. [Read more…]

boho dream crop top free crochet pattern

boho dream crochet crop top free pattern

Meet Boho dream easy crop top for  beginner crocheter out there!

This easy and fun crochet boho style crop top are so simple and super easy to do. They are made from just 2 rectangles! I use cotton yarn.

This  crochet piece is very quick to whip up as well as simple to adjust to the bigger size. [Read more…]

Nina chunky poncho wrap free crochet pattern

nina easy chunky poncho wrap crochet tutorial

Hello October! Let’s meet the easiest chunky poncho wrap-Nina.

Oh the name of this simple crochet poncho is inspired from my favorite singer song.

I love love to work with the chunky yarn so much because they can speed up my crochet  piece to finsihed it quicky. [Read more…]

Toasted honey cocoon cardigan free crochet pattern


easy toasted honey cocoon cardigan

Fall is coming along and we are more than half year already!

Let’s meet Toasted honey cocoon crochet cardigan, well…. well , how do I came up with this delicio name? Mmmmm ….this is my favorite  breakfast right now ^^.

This oversize  and super simple crochet cocoon cardigan or we could called it a blanket cardigan also. They are made just one piece of rectangle and fold  each end up to create the shoulder. [Read more…]

love you to the moon poncho wrap-free crochet pattern

Meet Love you to the moon easy crochet poncho wrap.

The name of this easy beginner friendly perfect is remind me of the forever love for my mom, She always be the number one in my heart.

 Love you to the moon poncho wrap is made from just one  long rectangle and fold them up in half and sew the side to create shoulder. [Read more…]

bobble stitch crochet top free pattern

Meet bobble stitch crochet top. if you guys obsessed all thing that make with bobble stitch like me !

The bobble crochet stitch, they always give the rich and lovely texture to the crochet clothes so I make this crochet top into a kind of summer season, they are also easy and fun to make only 1 row of bobble stitch repeat!

The bobble pattern is very similar to crochet bubblegum poncho.

I made this easy bobble stitch crochet top with pure cotton yarn and they are only made just from 2 rectangles.

This is a quick crochet summer top tee to whip up! And donot worry about the size they are very easy to adjust to bigger size by add more row to the rectangle to match your bust size.

bobble stitch crochet top photo

Let’s get start!

– I used Lion brand 24/7 cotton  . I am using about 1-2 skein around 500–600 yard fit size small to medium.( easy to adjust the size see pattern instruction below) yarn weight 4 worsted medium.

3.0 mm crochet hook or C/2 US hook size

– Sewing yarn needle

Gauge:  3 double crochet stitch  = 1 inch

Note: we are crochet this top not too tight.

crochet summer top bobble stitch picture

Skill and abbreviations

(American crochet terms)

You will need to know how to make

-St  which mean stitch

-sc which mean single crochet

-dc which mean double crochet

-Blo which mean crochet in back loop only

-ch, Chain

-slip knot

Bobble stitch tutorial.

crochet bobble stitch tutorial

Bobble stitch: yarn over insert your hook into the stitch that you want to make bobble then pull up a loop and  yarn over pull through 2 loop then insert your hook into same stitch and repeat that 4 time  until have 6 loop on your hook then yarn over pull through all 6 loop and make single in the next st, Bobble complete!

bobble crochet stitch summer top image

If you don’t understand any technical crochet words, don’t worry I got you cover!

Here is a video titled ‘free crochet class on craftsy‘ and a free pdf file titled ‘the beginner’s guide to crochet‘. These will explain a lot for you.

Learn how to read crochet pattern and how to work single crochet free class on crativebug.

bobble stitch top photo

bobble stitch crochet top

Get the free pattern below or this pattern is also available as an inexpensive, ad-free, PDF printable instant download  in my etsy shop. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am really appreciate you.

Finished Size Approximately:

 Small to medium(other size to make it bigger by add more row to rectangle to match your bust size)

For me the model wearing this piece, I am 4’9 feet tall.


one rectangle of front and back panel of bobble  stitch. 19×15 inch.

Bobble stitch crochet top  instruction.

Front  and back panel.

Pick up crochet hook size 3.0 mm and Start of by making a slip knot Then make 56 chains for all size, unless if you want the top to be longer just add more chain to the foundation chain (foundation chain multiple of 4 ).

( for bigger size just add more row to the rectangle until the rectangle match your bust size)

Row1: make, dc into next chain from hook and in each chain across until the end of the row.

Row 2: ch 1 turn, sc into first 2 sts. *Bobble stitch into next stitch, sc into next 3 sts*. Repeat between * and * until you have 4 sts left then make sc in each of the last 4 sts.

Row 3: ch 1 turn, dc in each stitch until the end of the row.

Row4: ch1, turn, *dc in next st, ch1 ,skip1 st then dc in next st* repeat this * to * until the end of the row.

Row5: ch 1 turn, *1dc in each stitch and 1dc in chain space* repeat * to * until the end of the row.

Row6 and beyond,Keep Repeating row 2-5 until  you get 19 inch long.

Repeat the same process for back panel.

After we got 2 pieces of rectangles will look like this

Donot worry if your rectangle is not perfect, my one is too. They will be fine when we put it all together.

Now We are going to create the shoulder for front panel.

Now we are going to make sc  in each space and in each stitch on the edge for 1 row see pic above.

Then we put stitch marker  to make the open neck.

now join new yarn on the end and sc back and forward and ch1 at the end of row to where marker place about 4-5 row.

After we finished one shoulder then , we repeat the same process for the other shoulder.

After we finished both shoulder then set aside and waiting for assembly.

Now we are going to make the edge of back panel ready to assembly with front panel.

now we are going to sc in each stitch or space of the edge back and forward 4-5 row and ch1 in the end of the row.

And finished off.


lay front and back panel on top of each other and sew along as the photo show with leaving no sew for the arm hole about 4-5 inches.

After we finished assembly the top, then we will tidy up the bottom edge by join new yarn at any point of the bottom edge then sc around the edge for 4-5 round and finish off.

All done !

Happy crocheting!

If you make one I would love to see your creation tag me on Instagram!

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